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  1. Gidday, just unplugged the maf while idling, revs dropped initially, bit then was steady, similar to how it was plugged in, just brought up a check engine code seemed to be the only difference and didn't seem to shake the engine, thoughts?
  2. Gidday cheers for the reply, will try that tomorrow, if it changes then it poss not the maf?
  3. Gidday.....again, have a 2006 bp5 stock standard legacy auto, having trouble when the car is cold. When started from overnight the car starts good, but idles at bout 2000rmp, then after 5 seconds it drops to 800 then up to 1500rpm then the engine shakes the car considerably, and when driven like this has no power, have put new spark plugs in it OEM ones, cleaned the maf, unsure where else to look. When warm drives great and idles steady. Sorry for the long novel here but any help would be appreciated, cheers rick
  4. Gidday everyone, down here in the deep south I cant find 98 octane fuel, npd offer 100 or 95 octane, can i run 100 octane, or should I drop to 95 octane?, car is a 2006 legacy Gtb 2.0 auto stock, any advice appreciated, cheers Rick.
  5. Ok, cheers for the reply, will give it a go this weekend, cheers
  6. Gidday subaru family, got a 2006 Subaru legacy gtb stock auto, had a crack at replacing the spark plugs today, got 3 of the 4 done before ran out of light (and a bit of patience), questions are, is it ok to drive on the 3 new plugs with one old? And do I have to remove the secondary air pump plastic piece to get to the plug and coil out, passenger side rear? Help is much appreciated, cheers
  7. Gidday, yes I wondered about that 2 hour thing, I looked at the time driven when it beeped to get that, was 2 sentences in Japanese but couldn't see a '2' in the context
  8. Gidday people, I have a 2006 legacy Gtb auto gen 4, all stock, was driving long distance today and after 1hr 10mins I got a beep and a message in Japanese on the instrument cluster info part, and then again later on,any idea what this is, car still ran fine, cheers
  9. Hey guys, just brought a 2006 Subaru legacy Gtb, facelift, 2.0, auto, stock standard, just wondering what engine oil to use for a change, previous owner had used 5w30 Castrol edge according to the window sticker, is this the best option or can I use magnetic, which seems to b cheaper to buy, cheers rick
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