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  1. Im asking around exhaust shops on what they charge for Turbo back systems. They seem to be around $1500+
  2. now just gotta contune saving up for the crazy amount it will cost for a catted downpipe lol because i cant get a decatted downpipe unless i get a custom built exhaust which still might be cheap then a cat back and downpipe
  3. So lets just say i have a catted downpipe, would that pass a emmissions test with the 1 high flow?
  4. yeah its just im gonna certify all my mods so i cant get pink stickerd, im gonna do more then a exhaust but you're better off certifying your mods then getting your car pink stickerd and having to go thru all those hoops
  5. so basically if my car has 2 cats and i cant remove any but i can put 2 high flow ones in instead? and is there any laws around emissions testing?
  6. hi, im wondering the laws around cats and removing them? (i dont understand the bureaucratic bulls*** and the constant changing of the rules when reading the govt rules about it and weather or not it needs to pass a emissions test?
  7. Would you have any idea about how much power it would push at a guess and would i need to do anything to the fuel system?
  8. yeah i want really quick turbo spool as i much prefer a turbo that kicks in very early and drops off at high mid range rpm levels then a turbo that kicks in that 3000 or so and drops off at high rpm range, all personal preference tho, with the turbo back and inlet hose should the turbo spool up much quicker?
  9. soz my fault i meant this and would it be worth it to do a intake and too?
  10. thanks so much i couldn't find a straight answer anywhere else but on the note of ecus, when i do the car up (turbo back with catted down pipe, coob tuning boost controller, and maybe a intake and a turbo inlet hose. will i need a aftermarket ecu or will the stock one do? and would a aftermarket uppipe be a improvement over the oem one? (sorry about all the questions)
  11. will any prevous legacy parts fit because theres some coilovers im looking at used no im just curious is that the ecu they come with from factory because when it was in japan it got a aftermarket radiator put on and a aftermarket throttle controller as well so that makes me think that they might have done more that im not aware of.
  12. hi guys im a noob when it comes to subarus, i was wondering if a 06 legacy gt spec b jdm version has a catless uppipe and what other generation of parts would work on it and if it has a aftermarket ecu or just the stock ecu? pics below (excuse the terrible English and whats the white cord for too? IMG20200513073149.jpg 2.8 MB