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  1. Hi team,I have just joined the forum to get some advice on the sound coming from the engine of my Mercedes.I have driven the van a few thousand km's now and the sound has always been apparent however, it has never changed.Hopefully, some of you with more knowledge can offer some clarity.My opinion is that it is something to do with the cylinder head as the frequency is too low for it to be a bottom end noise. I count roughly 6 - 7 'knocks' per second and at idle the crank is rotating 14 times per second (assuming an idle speed of 850rpm). Is it possible for a rod to knock every second revolution? Also, it goes away with a touch of the throttle as the video shows (sort of).The video link is just below. It's poor at best however, the viewer can clearly hear the sound that I am referring to. Any information is appreciated.Cheers,Justin. Also if I need to do an intro to use the forum, let me know