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  1. Aaron at Trimfix, I can PM you his number if you're interested. I originally got him around to fix a couple of holes in my Datsun seats and he ended up coming back the next day to sort out the lights on the Subaru after seeing the state of them. Super good dude.
  2. If you're anywhere in the BOP/Waikato area, I can definitely recommend my guy.
  3. Oh yea, that's a good idea. So you just pulled the stereo unit out and found which one was the GPS antenna?
  4. Yea I could see what happens pulling the battery, though I suspect it'll just reconnect to GPS, but will see! No, there's not another button I can see.
  5. Yea he put three layers of UV coat on them. Will see how it goes, it was all done properly and sealed with lots of UV coat. Also have a two year warranty with them.
  6. I have found that option yes but from what I can tell all it does is stops the time from displaying on the main navi screen. The difference with the newer car is that they have a more traditional LCD screen at the top of the dash that displays the time — even has the old school little H and M buttons for changing the time, but they do nothing.
  7. Ended up paying a professional to come around and do it at my place, was very affordable and would have cost me way more to get all the proper stuff and do a crappier job of it myself. Really happy with the results for anyone that's interested.
  8. Believe me, I've already spent some time trawling for an answer to this one... I have a BR9 2011 GT wagon with the McIntosh sound system and the time is completely wrong. I believe what's happening is that the car is taking its time from the GPS system and showing Japanese time, and won't allow me to change it using the little buttons next to the clock display on the dash. I've since been through every setting screen I can find with google tanslate but haven't been able to find anything. Has anyone had any success with this? Thanks for your help!
  9. That's perfect, thank you very much. In case anyone else in future is ever Googling this, the brochure lists extras as: Unique 18-inch wheels, Bilstein suspension, HID lights, keyless access and push button start, sports pedals, 10-way adjustable seats, full bodykit. Thanks again, Pedey
  10. Thanks very much! Applied model code: BR9B5CV Option code: LRC
  11. Hi team, Back with another question. I've picked up a 5th generation Legacy GT S Package and no amount of googling really tells me exactly what S Package is and what differentiates it from the regular GT. From what I understand, it adds Bilstein suspension, the McIntosh sound system, and maybe the half leather/courderoy interior? Could anyone shed some more light for me? Thanks! Pedey
  12. Those look great — not sure I can justify the cost + shipping + customs right now though!
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, I guess I'll have a crack at restoring them first. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm new here, just picked up my first Subaru after owning pretty-much every other brand imaginable. I've got a 2011 Legacy GT and I'm loving it so far... apart from the headlights, which are in pretty terrible condition. Now I understand that this is fairly common with this gen, however I've searched around the forums and there's not too much mention of a fix (if there is one) for just how bad mine are. These aren't just yellowed, but seem to be riddled with tiny cracks in the lens. Does anyone have experience in attempting to clean something like this up,
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