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  1. Hey all! A mate of mine had some spare Subaru heads off of her fathers car from many many many years ago, I’ve somehow come around to getting these off of her and am a little lost as to what they are. Is there any chance someone in here could help me? This is my first time seeing an engine/engine head apart so forgive my ignorance on any slip ups. From my understanding these are v3 STi heads - due to the RH-B and LH-B castings on the side of the head. https://ibb.co/30kWZhz However then there’s a couple contradictions, I’ve read that v3 sti cams (Atleast USDM from what I can tell) have the codes r4in, r4ex, l4in, l4ex as well as a line going through the “R” and another to the right of the “4”. The cams my engine have are coded r3in, r4in,l3in and l3ex with only a single line to the right of the “3”. https://ibb.co/YDLbFNB https://ibb.co/dLtGZgh While browsing through Scoobynet I saw a post talking about v2 Ra camshafts and that’s when I found this : https://ibb.co/VH1wVM2 THATS THE SAME CODE AS MY CAMS!!! But then I saw the second line and got sad . Prior to this, I hadn’t found anything with the same camcodes. V3 STi heads are supposed to have valves marked with IH and EH for the Intake and Exhaust respectively, mine has I D N on the intake and I haven’t gotten around to cleaning the exhaust valves. https://ibb.co/hLyvFDg I hope some of this info and these photos can help point us in the right direction to identifying these heads! If any new photos are needed/ hosting drops just let me know and I will sort it ASAP Any help is much appreciated! Assuming these heads are either v1/2 or v3/4 they will be getting slapped onto an Ej18 for a turbo build If you have any experience with headswaps, ecu tuning/flashing or just interested make sure to follow along too! Cheers for any and all the help, Dean.
  2. Hey all! I’m currently in the process of kicking off an Ej18t build and I’m looking around for an EJ22E long block and have had absolutely no luck! Ive come across one Brighton 220 on Facebook which somebody in Auckland had turned into a house on wheels! With the car going for 1700$ and to be used as a parts vehicle, I deemed it a waste of my money. Outside of that one appearance I haven’t spotted another 2.2l any where in NZ and I was wondering if any of you guys might know where to get one/have one lying around unused and unwanted! Cheers for any and all replies, much appreciated! Dean.
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