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  1. Hey man thanks for saying that I can ask stupid questions :). Yeah I totally get that I just never looked at it like that I was more embarrassed. This is my first performance car and I have learnt a lot in the last year but always learning, doing things and trying new things. Is there a way to delete accounts? I can just keep this one and wipe the others there are no secrets now. Sorry to sketch you out man everyone in here is super friendly and helpful!
  2. 100% honest, because I ask so many damn questions that people get pissed off with me. I get super stressed about s*** and I can't help it it is just who I am so I having multiple profiles made me feel less like a stupid idiot. But I understand if you need to remove them
  3. Sorry I meant to say that the DP was going to go on the vehicle with the tune. That High Flow pipe is the one I would have been putting on my mistake and above should have been 2002 I typed it in a rush while working... Will update thanks for pointing that out cheers! In answer to your above statements: I always thought that an Oil Pressure and Boost gauge were very useful. I was always told that if your pressure drops you can instantly stop and prevent major damage compared to if you didn't have it and things would go boom since you were not aware. I would only be putting a Prosport JDM Oil Pressure and Temp Gauge in not the Wideband if I went stage 1. Also I love how they look in cars. Yeah you are basically on the money. Then I had rough quotes done through a few tuners and the price was averagely 2 - 2.5k for a tune, install of all items etc Yeah definitely that would be a good 2.5k towards and STI I kinda just feel a bit comitted since I have all the parts now. I mean I could use the DP on the STI so no issue keeping it for a couple years and I'd put the innovate gauge on an STI but having gauges sit around unused for a few years feels bad. That is why I was considering selling the DP, selling gauge, and just getting a retune for around $1,000. No I don't know what Bugeye01WRX is sorry.
  4. Hey guys I was planning to stage 2 my bugeye WRX with 210,000km on it but after talking to heaps of people, browsing through the forums etc it seems the best consensus is to just buy an STI. I cannot afford to get an STI for probably 2 years so I am going to have the WRX for 2 years. I have 3 options: 1. Leave it stock (I enjoy car but I really want more out of it). 2. Get a basic Stage 1 reflash tune and not put anything aftermarket on. 3. GO stage 2 and do the following: - Aftermarket downpipe install - Aftermarket STI TMIC - Walbro 255 pump - 3 port EBCS Along with this I would be putting on 3 aftermarket gauges - Innovate Wideband Lc-2 - Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature Gauge The things I am tossing up in my head right now are the following: 1. Will stage 2 be too hard on the engine, especially at that amount of kms? 2. I have seen that stage 2 gains are roughly 30 - 50hp. What would stage 1 gains be like? Car is currently 247hp stock so will I be happy with a stage 1 tune or will I feel like it is a waste and should have just gone stage 2. 3. The reason I am considering just stage 1 is to put money towards STI but for something a little nicer than stock until I get one. Is it worth it? 4. Are aftermarket gauges worth actually putting on car if you are stock or even stage 1? I actually already have all the parts needed and yes I could sell them but I'd probably lose money on them and I could eventually use them on my STI. 5. For my amount of kms, would stage 1 be better for a Daily Driver and reliability? It is my daily driver so I am also thinking about potential issues and not having a car, so Stage 1 might be better for that? I guess I was wondering, once I get a stage 1 tune, is it worth putting gauges on as well? Or even worth putting them on if I don't decide to tune it? Sorry for the long post, I am EXTREMELY picky and like to research lots and I find it hard to settle on something.
  5. Hey all I am in the market for either one of these STIs. Have a WRX and wanting to upgrade. I was pretty set on the Version 8 STI as I feel like the blobeye looks the absolute best in my opinion but after looking at both options, I am a bit torn. A few things: Bugeye STIs are about 5k cheaper I love the boxer Rumble and UEL Headers which I am told the V8 does not have and that is a big down for me. I looked into replacing the headers but research is telling me it is a lot of money to go backwards and also not a good idea for the twin scroll etc. I am only looking at making 350whp for a daily I heard the twin scroll can make sourcing aftermarket DPs etc harder to find Version 7 Engine is forged vs Hyper for the V8. So now I am torn between buying a Bugeye STI or Blobeye. Can anyone with the blobeye tell me if the blobeye still has a great sounding exhaust or does it really lose that boxer sound? I do like Bugeye's and I would probably end up getting some Morette's for them if I went with a bugeye or just doing a front end conversion and having a Bugeye with a blobeye front. I was hoping others could tell me what the better purchase is? Also, I see Bugeyes go for between 10 - 20k. How much should I really be paying if I want a decent one and not a thrashed/crappy one? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if the LED inside is soldered or removeable? I have recently just converted my cluster to Blue LEDs and I want my boost gauge to match. I was just going to buy a DEFI Racer and sell the genome but to save having to buy a new gauge, hook it all up etc, I thought I might try just replacing LED. I don't want to start prying open the gauge if the LEDs are soldered so thought I'd check to see if anyone knew.
  7. Hi all Have a 3 inch High flow downpipe on my 2003 WRX and have been looking at putting a catback on it as well. My favourite is the Blitz Nur Spec R absolutely beautiful sound but I heard it tapers to 2.5 at the downpipe and I have a 3 inch downpipe. Is this an issue at all? And as long as car is properly tuned would it effect anything having a 3 inch DP and 2.5 inch midpipe/tailpipe? I really want to put on the Blitz Catback. Also, does anyone have one for sale? Only place I could find one was here: https://www.nengun.com/blitz/nur-spec-r Is this a reasonable price for it? Cheers
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