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  1. I have a 2020 Subaru Forester Premium. The auto dip headlights are not ideal in that if you use the auto headlights setting they turn on with the dark and off with the light as they are supposed to do - great. If I use the auto dip setting old there it takes 25-30 seconds on low beam after a light has passed (sign, headlights, etc.) before they turn back onto high beam - which is totally unacceptable as I libve and travel in the open roads often at night. Subaru have told me that they cannot change that and to just smokily use manual lights - which means I have to revert to turning them on at dark and remembering to turn them off in the daylight - which I think sucks as it is a selling feature of the car in the first instance. Has a anyone else had this trouble or know a fix for it other than reverting to manual lights to get high beam when you need it?