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  1. ya exactly, don't want a $3.5k car crapping out and dying becasue i didnt wanna spend 1.2k on a cambelt and waterpump.
  2. Hiya it’s just that I get paid the day after I pick up the car and I’d rather get the cambelt done in my hometown where I know the local mechanics and trust them. Would it be safe to drive it back on that cambelt and get it replaced when I’m back home?
  3. Okay so I am going to pick up this Forester in a week or so, and I have to drive it back home from pick up which is around 650km. I know there’s no hard and fast rule on cambelts and waterpumps but I don’t want it to just die on the way home. Would you recommend getting those parts replaced as soon as I get it home to avoid any disasters? Any constructive advice appreciate
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