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  1. oh Awesome thanks. I've done plenty of brake pads before but this is the first time I've ever come across a pair with that metal tab on one side. and it really threw me off especially since the old ones had the tab on both sides.
  2. Hi there, Unfortunately I've struggled to find info on this, due to the apparently large number of different brake specs of this model Legacy, But I have a base model 2006 BP5 Wagon, SOHC EJ20, Auto, Japan Spec. Boring as possible. Anyway, Im replacing the rear brake pads, I pulled the old ones out on one side, took them to Repco, got some new Repco brand ones. got back, and found that my old ones have that little sticking out clip thingy that goes on the inside face of the rotor, on both sides. but the new pads I have, only one of the pairs has that little clip thing - so I had three pads without the clip and one with. So I took them back, got them refunded, went to Supercheap Auto and bought a set from them. completely different brand. Except this set also only has that clip on one of the pairs of pads as well. To Reiterate, on my old pads BOTH pairs had a clip on the inside pad, But I find it highly unlikely that two different sets of pads from two different brands and two different shops have given me in the box three outside pads and only one inside pad. Is this correct? or am I just extremely unlucky and both sides have the clip? the first Repco set of pads otherwise fit the calliper perfectly before I took them back. I haven't taken the new set out of the plastic yet while trying to find the answer to this. thanks! what im talking about below:
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