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  1. If I were to go down the turbo line (as I do really want a manual for a few years whilst it's still a common thing), is there a specific year/model/trim I should be trying for? Are the gen V legacy gt just as good? There's one on trademe that doesn't look terrible, but I'm unsure of how they measure up against the gen IV. I do prefer the aesthetic of the gen IV but could be convinced to go V if there is any advantage? https://www.trademe.co.nz/2902871203
  2. Yup no that's perfectly fair enough and I look forward to the day I'm in your position re the road going car criteria! I think the manual gearbox is more important to me than the engine, that being said what kind of km should I be looking at for the gt wagon? And would you recommend holding out for a 6speed/spec b over a 5? Thanks
  3. Lol do you mean a ford ranger seriously, or just as a joke haha. True might give this current listing a pass. Regarding the 3.0 manual, what's a reasonable price to expect to pay for a 3.0 six speed manual with the mcintosh speaker system. Ideally with leather seats? Cheers
  4. Hey folks. I currently drive a 2.0i subaru legacy 2007 b sport sedan. I enjoy it but find myself constantly wanting for just a bit more power. I haven't owned a manual before but I can drive okay, would like to improve and hopefully will drive some of my mates cars before I get my own, but I'm sure it'll be okay. I also find myself wanting more space and feel that a wagon will be most suited to my needs. Due to the above I find myself wanting a manual legacy (could be convinced to go outback) wagon and tossing up between the 2.0Gt and the 3.0r Price range is flexible as I don
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