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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the pic. Much much cleaner than my engine 😂 I replaced the hose assembly that the red arrow on the left points to. Will get her all cleaned up and double check the other hose you’ve circled in green. For anyone else who is wanting to replace their pcv valve. I learned that the valve does not need to be threaded all the way into the manifold. It just needs to be screwed in until tight, in my case roughly halfway up the thread on the valve itself.
  2. Thanks for asking. I replaced the pcv valve and the hose assembly but really need to fully clean up the top of the block to tell whether it’s fixed the seepage. My next challenge is a coolant leak that coincided with my first drive of the car after doing the pcv work 😢
  3. Yeah true. I’ll clean up the whole area and keep an eye on it. thanks for your help!
  4. Haha thanks @Joker, “normal” is semi-reasuring 😁 Tonight I’ve removed the PCV valve and it’s pretty gunky and barely rattling. So I’m thinking I’ll replace that and the whole hose assembly - PN 11815AB213. Any idea about the other side of the block and the sender looking thing?
  5. Can anyone please help with fix and parts advice? Vehicle is a 2002 WRX. The top of the engine underneath the TMIC and throttle body is coated in oil and grime. the car doesn’t appear to use any oil and there is no oil being dropped on the ground. There is a noticeable burning smell coming from engine bay after semi-spirited driving. Car otherwise runs well although idle feels a bit on the slow side once car is up to temp. On inspection after removing TMIC it looks like there are two leak points. 1/ the collection of hoses on the driver side that relate to the PCV valve (I think?). 2/ some kind of sensor or sender connected to the block on the passenger side? See pics. I’ve also noticed there’s a small amount of oil and grime collecting around what looks like a breather on the inlet pipe near the alternator. My thinking is to replace the pcv valve, clean up all the related hoses and tighten down with circle clamps. The sensor thing has me stumped though. I’ve searched the internet and can’t find out what this is. Any ideas or advice on any of this would be amazing. cheers! Photo of PCV hoses. The valve end of the PCV hose does not have any oil on it.
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