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  1. im interested in the definition file also
  2. sweet thankyou ive read the TT guide and checked all the vacuum lines with the correct map for rev D i do have a hks BOV genuine so ive eliminated the bleed offf line back to the suction side of the turbo for the BOV line and returned the secondary turbo back to correct no restriert so i need to do that, but my primary (small) turbo or first turbo still only running like .6 bar max, What should it be running? i have one of those zero sports VOD controllers appears to do nothing, the vacuum box appears correct with restricter pill, i do have a PDS fault on the ecu pressure differential sensor aswell. On another note ive got everything to flash the vehicle but i cant figure out the plugs my car just goes into diagnostic mode checking everything repeatidly should i be flashing in this state? i Cant find anything on REV D specificaly i plugged the green plug together and joined the 4 wires required on the white 6 way plug also but vehicle just keeps running diagnostic?
  3. im only reaching 0.5 bar boost throught the rev range a bit of a valley in between primary to secondary i tried checking vac lines but it had a sbc connected to secondary turbo so i used a vac line description from here to return to stock no change
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