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    Replace the clamp on the hose to the power steering pump. The hose is probably hardened causing the clamp to be loose bringing in air to the power steering system making a loud whine! I would just move the clamp down and fit a bolt type clamp on. Can replace the hose as well. But a new clamp should do the trick. Very very common.
  2. Is it 4 speed or 5 speed? dexron 3 for 4 speed and trans max e for 5 speed. Should only take around 4 litres if you are just replacing the fluid? But if you are rebuilding the transmission or removing the valve body then should be around 8-10. I would just measure what you take out
  3. Solved! Ecu was the problem. Carried out some scope tests on the ecu using my oscilloscope and wasn’t getting the correct reading. Swapped one out with a second hand and drives like a dream.
  4. A few years later… but did you end up buying one?
  5. Because the spark plug is fouled with fuel and when unplugging each coil the only cylinder that stays misfiring is #4 Misfire is at idle. Have only had it running for about 2minutes then switched off, Yeah true!
  6. I bought the car with low compression off someone I knew. The car had a boost controller. And by the looks of the old pistons the boost was turned up way to much. I’m pretty sure it’s running lean. There was no air filter or snorkel on the air box and a lot of oil in the turbo/intercooler. Can’t do any more test at the moment till lockdown is over ☹️ still need to swap injectors to cross that off the list.
  7. Yeah true! Well cylinder 4 did have a broken coil connector plug that I’ve had to solder a new plug on. But the coil seems to be working
  8. Hello I have a 2008 sti grb. I have just rebuilt the engine. The engine originally had a misfire on cylinder 4, removed engine and stripped found broken ringland and a hole in number 2 & 4 pistons. Also exhaust valves were burnt on cylinder 4 so they were replaced with new valve seats and valve clearances made… also two 2nd hand pistons and new piston rings, bearings etc. (engine reconditioners put the heads together) Any way put engine together and in, started up and there is misfire on idle cylinder 4… compression test: all cylinders around 80psi thought this was quite low.. timing good has spark swapped coils and spark Plugs over In the process of swapping fuel injectors over but now needing two seals the orange ones on top of the injector cant my find these anywhere.. does anybody know where to buy these from? I doubt it’s a fuel injector problem but going through process of elimination. I’m thinking it has something to do with the head work done on that cylinder. Not keen to pull the engine out again 😅 Is there anything else I could check? Will do a leak down test after finding a injector seal Does anybody know where I can get the orange injector seals from? Thanks
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