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  1. hey, thanks for the reply. in regards to the beeping, it is a beep beep beep. regardless if doors are open or not, and if engine is running or not. Whats the best site for wiring diagrams for a subaru you recommend. thanks
  2. Hey, Hey, checked the door sensing, those little black rubber things that tell if the door is open or closed?. all doors work, with the red light on the dash showing a door is open and turns off when all doors are closed/ particular door is closed. Also with the alarm, all the alarm wires were spliced into the factory wiring, with only one wire cut that i had to re-solder and wrap up.
  3. Hey, im having a problem with my 2001 Subaru Impreza 15i, This car before i owned it had an avs alarm installed which no longer worked. So i removed every wire from the alarm system in the car and rejoined the old existing wires. taped up old splice wires etc etc. After removing the alarm. the car was beeping continuously from under the drivers side dash, i narrowed the beep down to the black box underneath the dash, google said it was my body integrated unit. has a white sticker on it with a code now with the issues, the body integrated unit beeps. but the car still starts, runs and drives. but the beeping continues even with the car running. also with the beeping problem. none of the door locks work, neither does the interior clock or interior lights (can't check radio as doesnt have one installed). also the radiator fans dont kick on, even with it at temperature and the ac on high. but relays work, gets power. and when connecting the green plugs the fans cycle speeds and off. could be related Also all fuses under the dash have voltage going to them on both pins. I can get the beeping to go by removing the door fuse under the dash. I was wondering if there in a remedy for this problem? like connecting a few wires, at least to make the doors lock. or do i need to get a new biu with matching keys from a wreck?. will it need a matching ecu as well? The key i use to start the car is factory but doesn't have the motherboard inside of the key to open/lock doors. where the battery goes. Thank you for reading. hopefully someone can help.
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