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  1. Knock sensor had been wired in bad there is no detonation happening have sorted knock sensor now and the "subaru specialist " said it wouldnt cause it to go into limp more but the have done bugger all and have had the car a week so I've got it back and taking it to a auto spark tomorrow , cars pretty algood drives well altho in limp mode on the short drive I've done
  2. Yep has abs the "subaru specialist " local shop have confirmed its abs communication error but I already told them that as I have scanned it and got those codes. but they have been pretty useless so have got the car back
  3. Hey guys first time poster here . I have acquired a 2003 bp5 legacy , the guy I got it off has done a heap of work himself changes some of the interior to new stuff , recond block heads and head gaskets done etc have some of the proof but most done by himself. The problems are cars in limp mode has thrown a few codes one being the knock sensor I'm sorting that but have been told that wont cause it to go into limp mode ? Main cause of concern is b0223 - can-hs vdc/abs no receive data and u1223- can-hs vdc/abs no receive data . Few things online and talking to people seem to think could be the abs computer they are common to fault with some wire in them , if anyone had the abs wiring diagram for a 2003 bp5 legacy that would be great
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