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  1. Cool, any idea roughly of the price for a service? Can't see it on their page. If not all good I'll just call them tomorrow.
  2. Cheers, just making sure there isn't something else people recommend for fair prices vs service.
  3. Hi there. Recently purchased of a 2012 WRX STI and looking for recommendations of the best place to take it for a look over and service (oil replacement and what not) in Christchurch. Wanting to make sure there is nothing wrong internally etc. whilst I can still claim under warranty from the dealer I picked it up from. Just noticed it seemed to have gone through quite a bit of oil and on topping up it seems to have quite a petrolly smell coming from the oil filler when running. Might be all normal but want to be sure. All very new to this and hoping to learn a lot but also looking for a reliable workshop/mechanic to use for any future business. Cheers.
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