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  1. applied model code is BE5D4RT Option Code 56C i believe that due to the option code, this makes it a 2002 Legacy B4 RSK Revision D S-Edition. Just curious as to what the S-edition means in this case is all but it seems relatively unknown
  2. Can't seem to find anywhere online what the exact details are that differentiate the S-edition B4 from the regular model. Any knowledge at all regarding this model would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  3. NPD 100+ Fuel is advertised as ethanol free so it seems as if this is the best option for me
  4. Christchurch 98 octane is $3.15 NZD per litre 100+ octane is $2.90 NZD per litre
  5. Have been using 98 Octane due to believing this is what was best for the TT legacies. Due to skyrocketing fuel prices, I am wondering if this truly is required, or if 95 or 100 octane fuel (both of which are cheaper than 98) will work just as well? Thank you very much
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