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  1. I was also wondering if there was a different way to do it rather than welding the centre diff
  2. ^ Yes I did see that, I said i wanted it done properly not just hori style welding the centre diff. It pays to read the whole post before being cheeky lol
  3. Im about to head into the mines and have decided to start a project toy, I have been concidering waiting and buying an Sti BRZ however could proberly not justify spending that much just for a track hack. I know people weld the centre diff to make the wrx (GC8) RWD, but i cannot find anywhere how to do it properly? my understanding is a 6 speed box is the strongest and a R180 diff compliments it well. Before anyone hates on me about doing this to a rex, i want to do it properly and not ruin the car, people will ask why... because I want a RWD and I need a Subaru, and $60-70k for an Sti BRZ is far too much to drive it a few times a year. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated, I would be hoping to put around 250-300rwkw too.
  4. Doesnt the tightness of the screws play with th voltage and change \'settings\'? Im only going off what i could find on google, but its hardly reliable
  5. Hey been doing some googling and was wondering if someone could tell me how to install? Cheers
  6. I live in Aus now and im selling my subbie, Its a 94 RA... The TPS is fucked and im going to sell it as is minus the price of the TPS so any idea will be good, was nothing on trade me!
  7. Fair call but when i get my link it can handle more psi
  8. Is this a direct bolt on? Or what do i need to do?
  9. The title sounds good but the deal aint that great with prices, rules and only being limited to chch its all pretty av imo
  10. Yea i know i wont get mass gains... But i just love the look. It looks so tough and different
  11. No i have a front mount, but i WANT to flip my manifold. Just seeing what i will need to use, do and change coz i cant afford to have car off road for longer than a weekend
  12. Has what for sale? I already have a manifold
  13. Befroe i start... Yes i know there is a perminate thread for this but there is so much bull crap in there and they keep switching between models it just bloody confusing to keep up with, I have a version 2 RA. If there is an absolute good bastard on here that has done it before can i pretty please have a list of what parts were needed?