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  1. Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated
  2. Thanks. Is it easy to find a power cable to use from the existing wires?
  3. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help me. I have a band expander that I want to install in my 2007 BP Legacy. I removed the factory unit (not Mcintosh) and there was no antenna cable?? Or at least, it wasn't visible to me. Have I missed something here?
  4. I most definitely didn't reset my counter whilst moving. I'm pretty strict with recording my fuel economy. I've been doing it for the last 7 years - Back when I got my BH. So I know to to record the figures. In my BH GTB, I would average 10(ish)l/100km with mixed driving around Auckland. And about 7.5l/100km for open road driving (Mostly to Mt Ruapehu from Auck) I was curious to see how my newly acquired BP would compare. Seems to be somewhat similar, but would need to do more recordings to give a better picture. Yes, I am reasonably light-footed when I drive
  5. Hi all, I just upgraded from a BH GTB to a BP GT. I have just come back from a trip to Mt Ruapehu and I measured my fuel economy on the open road. Here's what I got from my trip. Car - 2007 BP GT. Auto. Stock standard. 1. Auckland to Ohakune + 2 trips up and down the Mountain Road to Turoa - 8.44L / 100km 2. Ohakune to Auckland - 6.84L / 100km The extra fuel burn in the first drive is obviously due to driving up the Mountain Road - A 19km trip up a mountain x2. Is this inline with what other BP/BL owners are getting on the open road? My old BH GTB would get around 7.5L/100km on the same trip.
  6. Hey guys, if I could get your opinion, that would be appreciated. 2001 BH5 Legacy GTB 190km My car was overheating this morning, and I carefully managed to drive it to the local Subaru service centre. They just called me and said that my headgasket is gone. Approx. price to fix 3-4k. My car isn't worth that much on the market. Just wanted to know if you guys would recommend putting in a second hand motor? Would you know of approx. costs to do this turnkey? Pretty bummed about this. I'm looking at buying a house at the mo, but having to shell out to potentially buy a new car would put a hold on that. Other than the problem with the headgasket, my car has been really good mechanically. Not modified at all, interior and exterior are in top shape.
  7. So would that mean the oil is leaking out and dropping on to the exhaust to cause the smoke?
  8. Hi all, I have a BH5 GTB and the engine is smoking. I need some help to narrow down where the smoke maybe coming from. The smoke emanates from the drivers side of the engine. From an area between the air filter, turbo and intake manifold. I don\'t really know what items are there so maybe you guys could help? The smoke is white and always comes out when the engine is running at operating temp. The exhaust does not smoke. It has a burnt metallic smell. The engine isn\'t using any liquids at all. What could it be?? Thanks in advance
  9. I'm looking at getting a crack (approx. 5-6cm) in my front bumper plastic welded. Has anyone had this done before? I've seen a few places in Auckland that offer this service, but just want some recommendations on who is good.
  10. Cool, will do that when I get home. [quote name='boostin said: Do you need to be moving to turn lock to lock?? You can't do it on the spot?? Thats right, the car needs to move to turn the steering wheel. If I inch forward, I can turn the wheel a little bit and then it wont move any further. I then have to move forward another few inches to turn the wheel some more. I cannot turn the steering wheel lock to lock on the spot.
  11. Hi All, I have an 01 GTB. I have owned it for about 5months now and it has always had a shudder in the steering wheel. It only shudders when turning the steering wheel on the spot or when maneuvering in tight spots ie, like parallel parking at very low speed. Its shudders so bad that I can't turn the steering wheel unless I move the car forward a little. This shudder does not happen when driving at speed. I spoke to my mechanic about it and he said that it is a commom problem with these legacys. He said a possible fix could be to drain and flush the ps fluid and refill with new stuff. I have searched on this forum and on the net but can't find any answers or anyone else with this problem. Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Thanks!
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