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  1. first video up. standard v8 sti bottom end running 300kw for now. Forged 2.2 AND 2.5 coming soon with larger, better borg warner. Looking at upwards of 400kw.
  2. "previous owner stating it was dynod at around 240wkw" Does sound like a bit of Chinese whispers with a bit of optimistic exageration. Cant really rely on what some said that it was around. Nothing like cold hard proof. Never the less, cool looking setup in a tidy looking example
  3. Silicone spray works a treat on black plastics aswell as interiors
  4. You sir are a genius I never thought of that at all. I just assumed that it must plug into something Anyway, it appears the sensor is in the seatbelt mechanism itself and light goes off once it is extended out toward the stalk. Woot, my cars not quite as incomplete as i thought
  5. There is a wire on the bottom of the stalk. For seatbelt light in dash. I am lost as to where it plugs into. Usually it goes under the seat but theres no plug there?
  6. Hi guys, im putting my interior in back into my wrx sti v5. It was taken out by the previous owner. I went to put the drivers seat in, but i couldnt find where the plug for the seatbelt stalk goes. I searched for ages, then pulled out the carpet but i still couldnt see anything. Anyone be able to tell me where i can find it? Cheers, Julius
  7. I feel alot better now, thanks mate
  8. VF24, its a replacement turbo for the 28 they come with factory. Not sure how long its been on there. Its a noticeable whine, but not screaming by any means
  9. Hi guys, i just go my v5 sti back together and running. Its making a bit of a whining noise. Id liken it to what your average older mitsi sounds like, but it continues for a few moments after turn off. Also, before anyone says anything, before starting the motor, i first turned it over without the plugs in to build oil pressure, then started it up, so it shouldn't have been dry of oil on startup. Is my turbo screwed, or still salvageable? Im also thinking of removing the mesh from the oil feed, if it does have some. Cheers, jULIUS
  10. Hes definitely keeping it 4wd. The build doesnt show a few of the smaller things hes done like fitted nissan rear axles to avoid breakages
  11. I guess 'sick' is very subjective. Just my point of view and everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I personally like it because it's such a new car, that i've watched being built from ground up. And all components are top notch as well as the fabrication. Its a car that i could only ever dream of owning due to the huge costs and time sacrifices involved with building, maintaining and racing such a car
  12. haha, im not sure why thats there at all haha, only 6 thats going near that thing would be an H6, but thats once the ej20 has been tested, then the 22, then the 25 has been pushed to its limits
  13. Hi guys, dunno if any of you have seen this, but Carl at E and H is building a sick v11. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.189082847784568.54195.172041899488663 Thats the album of the build so far, its always being updated and is nearing completion. Like his fb page too http://www.facebook.com/carlruitermandrifting Julius
  14. Hi guys, just got my hands on a v5 sti, and the engine is currently out but will be going back in shortly. Eventually i plan on a twisted turbo setup, but for now just gunna run standard. Anyway, whilst the engine is out i am going to whack on a set of extractors and an up pipe (which will be changed later). Im really after some recommendation as to where i can get something that isnt gunna crack after three weeks, but something that isnt gunna cost a grand. So, can someone help? Cheers, Julius