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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking at rebuilding my first ever engine. The engine is an EJ20Y from a 2007 legacy GT wagon with approx 180,000kms. The main reason for this rebuild is to replace all bearings and rings to breathe many more kms and reliability into this engine as i plan to tune it with light mods (decat, intake, fuel pump and boost solenoid). I'm really chasing longevity and reliability and not necessarily high power thus why I want new bearings as they will probably go within the next 50,000kms, my last EJ spun its guts at 220,000. Question time. Q1. What is everyone's opinions on whether or not it's worth upgrading rods/pistons with just the light stage 1+ mods. I don't want to break the bank on this one, its my first build and 50% of this job is just for my own knowledge and experience! Will I get any gains from upgrading the rods/pistons while I'm still only using the stock turbo and stock tiny BP/BL intercooler? Q2. I don't think I have the budget to upgrade both the rods and pistons so which of these two parts in a EJ20Y/X is the weakest and more in need of upgrading? What parts do you recommend? I was looking at these. https://www.possumbournemotorsport.com/k1-technologies-subaru-ej20-25-h-beam-connecting-r Q2 continued. its worth noting that the previous owner ran this car on 91 octane for a decent amount of time and it ran like s***. I should expect potential cracked pistons and damaged ring lands. even if they appear okay would you replace them due to the high stress they have been subjected to? Q4. What are some good factory replacement rods/pistons? should I consider some internals from a EJ207 or 257? Q5. What rebuild kit is best? should I go to the dealership and get a OEM rebuild kit? I'm quite interested in some decent ACL race series bearings. so I could get a OEM rebuild kit and use ACL race series bearings. what are everyone's thoughts? what have you had good experiences with? what about head gaskets lol? Q6. Is the factory oil pump sufficient? I've heard of many people upgrading to a 12mm oil pump? is this a good idea or is the factory one sufficient? will a aftermarket oil pump bother my AVCS solenoids? Q7. its important that all of this rebuild will work with the factory tune/ecu as I have to travel 450km to my tuner. lets say i installed lower comp pistons from another Subaru engine, would i be safe to baby the vehicle 450km? (Nelson to Christchurch) I'm preparing for my first ever build here so any opinions are much appreciated. Thanks for your time
  2. Can't seem to find any after market air intakes for JDM BP5s? Do Grimmspeed fit/work on JDM versions? Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks in advanced.
  3. So I discovered the wonderful world of btssm and am loving it so far ... however when I had reset my ecu I had noticed a couple knock issues detected ... done just over 1000km since the reset on mostly highway conditions as well as some spirited driving over the maungamuka gorge (the log data linked shows the 8ish minute long and fun drive) ... after reading the log and checking my LV I am abit worried as most of the knocks come on at 4500rpm ... now it appears the LV has knocked my ecu down a few notches in the way of power... First off I am curious as to how this would happen on a bog stock 2006 JDM legacy gt spec b 6sp manual ... From my understanding this year was the change over year for example my turbo is supposed to be a td04 (from what i have read) but is instead a vf45 ... also being stick max boost target is 14.5 however I'm getting spikes up to 17 in some cases but more commonly around 15.5 for longer than a second Any help or suggestions are much appreciated Thanks
  4. Hi all I just bought a 2005 bp5 legacy gt, its idling rough like a cylinder's misfiring, also rough when cruising at a constant speed, and seems to be running fine under acceleration. I've replaced air filter, air flow meter, spark plugs and coils, as well as putting an injector cleaner through. I've seen a few threads online of people with similar problems but no fixes that have worked for me. Does anybody know anything else I should be checking/replacing Thanks in advance
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