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Found 6 results

  1. 1.5 years (too long) later and I've bought another Subaru! This one is something I'd never really think of owning, but I was hunting for a new vehicle, saw this drive through town, thought damn i kinda like that, turns out it was on Trademe and now here I am. 2007, 2.0 Turbo, 5 Speed Manual, 148 thousand k's. Suuuuper tidy Forry. Chassis code is SH5-002222 & the engine code is EJ205HEZME. So I barely know anything about these. Not even sure what kind of Turbo these run, not entirely sure about the power & torque output either. Google hasn't been very helpful! haha. Plans: Probably going to lower it a bit since it's a bit 'boaty' Maybe something with the exhaust for a bit more Subaru noise. It's extremely refined and quiet stock.
  2. Okay so I am going to pick up this Forester in a week or so, and I have to drive it back home from pick up which is around 650km. I know there’s no hard and fast rule on cambelts and waterpumps but I don’t want it to just die on the way home. Would you recommend getting those parts replaced as soon as I get it home to avoid any disasters? Any constructive advice appreciate
  3. Hi everyone, Does anyone have insights on the maintenance and reliability of aftermarket alloy radiators? I am thinking whether or not they will give any sort of advantage when one is touring remotely, where reliability of the cooling system is a must. Since modern cars have plastic radiator tank tops and, of course, they will degrade over time. Has anyone installed an aftermarket radiator, particularly ones that are sold her locally, and has had a good run with them so far? My default will always be genuine parts all the time but it would be nice to get some opinions and experiences on this topic. Cheers.
  4. Back again, with another weird technical issue. I'm working on a SG5 Forester that's been mistreated. I've replaced most of the braking system, and a bunch of failed wheel bearings (it's a long story). It's almost ready to be complied, but there's one annoying issue that I can't figure out. When braking while turning fairly hard right, ABS engages and does its thing. The pedal sinks, weird noises go on, etc. After I stop, the ABS pump keeps running for a second or so (can hear it and feel it through the pedal). I'm assuming it's all ABS anyway, it's hard to be certain. The ABS light never comes on, and ABS works perfectly apart from this one weird behaviour. Any ideas? I can't take it for compliance like this, guaranteed they'd discover that issue and fail it...
  5. Hi all, I'm thinking about chucking an exhaust system on the DeForester and seem to remember GC/GF8 aftermarket exhausts pretty much bolt straight up. Is that true? I've seen Redline performance advertising GC/GF8 turbo back exhausts for a reasonable amount of cash as well as SG5 versions. What's the go from your experience? If anyone has any recommendations for aftermarket exhausts for my SF5 turbo I'm all ears.
  6. hi there, new to the forum. a friend in japan has offered me the opportunity to buy a 2001 sti forester. naturally i am very interested in his proposition. thing is i cant seem to find anything about them, i found a little bit about the sti type m which is the manual model, however this is the auto and i can find very little about it. this article states a 0-100 time of 5.8 for the type m http://www.neweraimports.com/Nebusis/pictures/pdfs/507-2001SubaruForesterSTiIITypeM.No.393of800.ManualTransmission.Black(47A).pdf . but i have no clue how fast the auto would be. any information would be much appreciated
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