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  1. 11 years ago though. The general gist for any WRX STI pre 2008 is they're just increasing in value by the year. Some significantly. Our definition of a rough car is obviously miles apart in difference.
  2. I see the bumpers now that you've pointed them out. Starting to annoy me now just looking at it haha. Steering wheel is definitely in need of a refurb. The random wire is the killswitch which was placed appropriate when I drove the car. At an honest guess though, what do you think the car is really worth if the rebuild checks out? It's hard to compare to literally anything like it since there's, well, f*** all of them around
  3. I have inspected in person. It’s very tidy considering it’s 25 years old nearly. Closed body respray and refurbished wheels. Interior is hard to fault apart from the drivers side door card. The motor was supposedly rebuilt about 20k ago, which I’m waiting to see proof of. All the other work listed in the auction too. Last fixed price offer he had was $5800 which id he saying is a very good buy if all proof of work is there.
  4. Or is there any dead giveaway that it’s definitely an STI Motor? Apart from the ‘Tuned by STI’
  5. Is it a good idea to check the engine number too just to compare to CarJam?
  6. Good info. Thanks. AC removed may be from the rebuild if it shat itself prior. Maybe another sign of the rebuild which I’m waiting to see proof of. Should probably get the Engine number too to see if it matches.
  7. Eyeing up this WRX STI for my brother. Have been and inspected it and test driven etc. For peace of mind, we just want to know if it’s a legitimate STI or not. We couldn’t figure out by Chassis codes or VIN and it doesn’t help that carjam registered it just as Subaru Impreza. Any help? Cheers
  8. Another question if someone can answer: How can we tell that it is a legitimate STI?
  9. This is currently listed local. The owner may even be on ClubSUB? It's super tidy and seems like it's a very good buy. I don't have much idea about Version 2 STI's, especially wagons. Thoughts?
  10. Front wheels were swapped to the back when I took it for my mechanic to look at. Problem still persisted after that.
  11. Hmm thanks for that. Never knew spigot rings were a thing until you mentioned that.
  12. Not sure if this is just entirely coincidental buuuut My front bumper is currently unhinging itself on the right hand side (getting fixed this week) Of course I slap it back in but never know when it pops out again until i've hopped out of the car. So I unhinged it purposely just then, went for a 10 minute drive and while the car wasn't so bad, it still had the wobbles at about 105-110kmh. So I slapped the bumper back in, tapped it down firmly and went for another drive. The car was a lot better and there was hardly any shaking/wobbling. But surely a slightly unhinged bumper wouldn't be a prime cause of this?? Or is it enough to sort of hook enough air when driving at speeds and throw the cars balance out?
  13. Havent had an alignment since I’ve had my SSR’s on my car. Hit a huge pothole in them and bent the rim and wrecked my tyre so I had that all fixed. Possibly could be that the wheel isn’t 100% since the repair? The issue is it was so long ago and I’m not sure when the all this wobbling started happening since I wasn’t doing a huge amount of open road driving to notice it.. Alright first step will be a wheel alignment.
  14. Finding my S-GT has developed a sort of shake/wobble in the wheel when going around 105-115kmh. Have had my wheels balanced a couple times and they checked out all good. My mechanic had a real quick check over, rotated the wheels, didn’t find any play in the steering rack to justify shaking/wobbling. Also added a very small weight to one of the wheels. While this helped, the problem still persists. It’s quite inconsistent too. Mostly of the time it will do it, sometimes it won’t. Has me stumped as to what it may be. Any ideas?
  15. Sort of asking on behalf of a mate here. Took his 09 S-GT Impreza for a drive, third gear pull and the car is boosting to about 4-5psi over the factory boost of 14psi. Then i'm assuming the ECU hits a safety mode and cuts the fuel as it refuses to accelerate after a certain point. He said this has started happening randomly and never used to do it. Any quick ideas on what this may be?