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  1. Mechanic fitted standard WRX suspension into the SH5 for me.. very pleased with the results. Wheel nuts were on so tight that it stretched the thread on the studs on 3 corners. So a big f**k you to whoever did this originally. Luckily he found it then.. otherwise if I had to change a tyre, I would've been screwed. I also chucked on a GFB Respons BOV because.. I don't really know why. Pssshhh??
  2. Yeah the STI is different and not a direct swap in SH5's, only the rear.
  3. Does anyone know if the springs and shocks used in an S-GT are the same as a WRX hatch from the same era? (V11 era)? And do the hatches use the same suspension as the Sedans? Edit: This is for my SH5 Forester to lower it. Unless anyone would advise against this..
  4. Howdy Howdy MY SH5 XT Handles like a boat. It's a given really. Stock suspension made for carting the family around but i'm not about that life. Obviously my options are adjustable's (which i'm not wanting to fork out for) and lowering springs.. But was also wondering if it's possible to lower an SH forester with say.. WRX suspension from the same era? Or anything else that anyone has had experience with?
  5. it’s absolutely a boat and I think that’s the first thing I need to address. Stupidly missed out on a full set of Pedders shocks and springs because the numpty selling them wouldn’t reply to my questions about shipping them.. should’ve just whacked but now!
  6. Does anyone here have experience modifying an SH5 Forester? Particularly a 2.0XT? Mine is bone stock and I don't even know where to begin.. exhaust, suspension, intake, tuning. I'm not overly sure how accustomed they are to modifications.
  7. Ah well at the end of the day it ended up being like a $3500 lemon. No need to mention how much money has been spent on it since though lol.
  8. Unfortunately the Michelins are aging a bit and the rubber is a wee bit brittle I'll replace them at a later date I guess. I have a feeling it may be the same as 2.0 XT Spec (Assuming this is what this forester is) with about 227HP and 319Nm Torque outputs. I can't confirm this though. The body kit seems pretty uncommon. Although typically, the day before I bought it, I saw another white SH5 in town with a bodykit too
  9. Would never really have expected myself to own anything like it.. The space is great though and it's really surprisingly good on fuel. Must only have a baby turbo on it though, spools super easy and nice and torquey through 2.5 - 4.5k rpm. After that there's just nothing haha.
  10. As a bit of 'lol' follow up to this post. He went ahead and purchased the car. I picked it up and drove it home for my brother. Got it up the driveway and it was all sound, gave it a bit of a rev and the radiator hose blew it ass off, pissing hot coolant all down the side of the car and through the engine bay. Long story short: Car was a bit of lemon, bad rebuild job with the gaskets, got lots of money back from the seller, engine has been rebuilt again with a TD05 installed instead. Will be good to see it on the road once it's complete.
  11. 1.5 years (too long) later and I've bought another Subaru! This one is something I'd never really think of owning, but I was hunting for a new vehicle, saw this drive through town, thought damn i kinda like that, turns out it was on Trademe and now here I am. 2007, 2.0 Turbo, 5 Speed Manual, 148 thousand k's. Suuuuper tidy Forry. Chassis code is SH5-002222 & the engine code is EJ205HEZME. So I barely know anything about these. Not even sure what kind of Turbo these run, not entirely sure about the power & torque output either. Google hasn't been very helpful! haha. Plans: Probably going to lower it a bit since it's a bit 'boaty' Maybe something with the exhaust for a bit more Subaru noise. It's extremely refined and quiet stock.
  12. 11 years ago though. The general gist for any WRX STI pre 2008 is they're just increasing in value by the year. Some significantly. Our definition of a rough car is obviously miles apart in difference.
  13. I see the bumpers now that you've pointed them out. Starting to annoy me now just looking at it haha. Steering wheel is definitely in need of a refurb. The random wire is the killswitch which was placed appropriate when I drove the car. At an honest guess though, what do you think the car is really worth if the rebuild checks out? It's hard to compare to literally anything like it since there's, well, f*** all of them around
  14. I have inspected in person. It’s very tidy considering it’s 25 years old nearly. Closed body respray and refurbished wheels. Interior is hard to fault apart from the drivers side door card. The motor was supposedly rebuilt about 20k ago, which I’m waiting to see proof of. All the other work listed in the auction too. Last fixed price offer he had was $5800 which id he saying is a very good buy if all proof of work is there.
  15. Or is there any dead giveaway that it’s definitely an STI Motor? Apart from the ‘Tuned by STI’
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