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  1. I've parked her up since it happened, just need to get someone to look at it
  2. This is very true. More or less concerned about any internal damage from overheating. Just me assuming the worst though!
  3. Potentially quite a bit of damage but really. Leisurely drive, gave it a wee bit of berries because who doesn’t like being thrown into the seat a wee bit? final corner from my destination and white smoke pissing out from the engine bay. Temp gauge 4/5 of the way up. Pull over and coolant all through the engine. No obvious sign on where it’s coming from though big sigh πŸ˜“
  4. A well overdue and well deserved wash, polish, ceramic coat and trim detail.
  5. Ahhh i see! Yep, those guys. I'd never actually get worked done from them. Just wanted to see.
  6. I have zero clue what a push or pull type clutch is. I'll assume push because I push the clutch 😝 Doesn't tend to do it when it's warm nope. Asked for a quote from a local Subaru dealer just to see how much they'd charge for replacement out of curiosity. $1900 lol.
  7. Right after starting my Forester from dead cold (Have to depress clutch to start) then releasing, there's sometimes a high pitch whine / squealing noise that stops if I depress the clutch again slightly or let it run for a bit and warm things up. In Neutral of course. It never makes any noises while driving but I've always found since I've owned this car that selecting gears is sometimes a bit of an ass, and the clutch always feels extremely 'inconsistent' in terms of biting point etc. Time to replace?
  8. Suppose the difference being whether if its a Japanese import not. Unsure about newer model JDM imports if companies started tuning them for 91? I'm guessing 'NZ New' and market equivalents come factory tuned for 91 to accommodate for the s****y fuel 😁
  9. New Zealanders seem to have a huge issue with sticking the right / proper fuel in their cars. I've watched people stick 91 into their 335's, S4's, WRX's (makes a small part of me die internally). In all fairness, no car should be running 91 ever, and JDM cars especially since they don't even fuel that drops to such terrible quality even available over there. At least if you owned one, you'd have your own piece of mind knowing you're sticking the right kind of fuel in it.
  10. Also not sure on what unit, and whether to get one with a constant power feed or a battery operated one. My thoughts now are maybe wire one into the car that can be powered by USB, and run it so it's hidden in the (unfortunate) event of my car being stolen. I'm assuming the lower end ones can be blocked pretty easily, but then again, I'm guessing they'd be a pretty 'high-end' car thief if they're blocking GPS trackers πŸ˜‚
  11. Does anyone use a GPS tracker and their Subaru? Can anyone advise what sort of unit they use, installation difficulty and cost? As far as I can see, they range from low end 3g units online to professionally installed high end ones.
  12. Quick follow up: Upper engine cleaner has made a massive improvement.
  13. I thought all WRX's had UEL's until after Version 9 (Hawkeye's) then the JDM line, all the 2 Litre WRX STI's, S-GT's etc had equal length, and the AUDM, NZDM, USDM 2.5 Litre variants had equal length? Could be wrong. While all WRX STI's are increasing in value pretty rapidly, the Blobeye will undoubtedly be increasing more and have more value in the future since they're a lot less common than V7's (Which seem to be everywhere). You'll pay more but I reckon it's a better trade-off and a better looking car!
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