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  1. Looking at buying a facelift SG5 or an SH5 (if one is in budget) to replace the ol' SF. What are common issues to keep an eye out for with the SG and SH chassis? Thinking along the lines of watery headlights, oil leaks, stuff that ALWAYS breaks.
  2. + 1 as per my posts in the Tron/BOP meet thread. Do we have an area rep that is actually in charge of organising meets/cruises or do we just do whatever?
  3. Installed a new boost gauge to replace the old one I scored off a friend with its annoying as S*** blue back lighting. Also got an air compressor on sale at Supercheap at the same time so next time I hit the dunes/mud/grasskhana I can actually adjust my air pressure to suit the task at hand. Worked out a while back running 38psi on the beach results in a very hot 20G!
  4. Well you've got me as keen, so could do a two car meet
  5. Just the usual wheel alignment. Lifted springs don't really go high enough to cause any issues in terms of camber from what I understand. The factory trailing arms are the limiting factor in most lifts on Foresters as the higher you go, the more they pull the wheels towards the front of the car. That's why the guys with lift ktis made in Aus/the States get spacers for them. So you might notice your back wheels are closer to the front of the arch than they used to be, but in terms of camber I think you'll be fine.
  6. Yep, that's also putting me off going for the lift kit. Price of the kit landed in NZ (they come with strut top spacers, and trailing arm spacers for the 2-inch kit) is still cheaper than getting a cert last time I looked. Since most of my off roading is on the beach I'll probably go down the lifted springs route at this stage. If my 20G blows I might look at going all in though with an EZ30 conversion or something and then the lift kit will be worth the cost of the cert.
  7. So is there a monthly meet around the Tron area that CS peeps do? Been a while since I bothered with the ol' monthly meet thing (probably Auckland in 2010 was my last one), but as I'm new to the area I'm keen to meet a few like minded people.
  8. Nice, I take my T/TB SF5 off roading all the time. Mostly beach bashing in the dunes around Port Waikato to get to good fishing spots and forestry road gravel bashing, but have modded it out as a bit of an overlander. People definitely underestimate the capability of Subies off road. Foztrek on Facebook has a lot of like minded Forester bashers My CS build thread Most of my pics I've taken out bashing it around in the mud are on my Instagram I'm running Maxxis Bravo 771 All Terrains, strut tower braces front and rear (the rear tends to twist a lot on the dunes to the point the boot won't open/close), Pajero snorkel, LED spot lights, and seriously looking into whether I want to fork out for a Subie Lift Oz lift kit. Lifting with King Springs etc. reduces your articulation and messes with your spring rates so you lose comfort.
  9. The OG Forester SF to STI conversion thread.
  10. Hi all, I'm thinking about chucking an exhaust system on the DeForester and seem to remember GC/GF8 aftermarket exhausts pretty much bolt straight up. Is that true? I've seen Redline performance advertising GC/GF8 turbo back exhausts for a reasonable amount of cash as well as SG5 versions. What's the go from your experience? If anyone has any recommendations for aftermarket exhausts for my SF5 turbo I'm all ears.
  11. So going by this thread Clint Field in Pukekohe would be the person you guys would recommended to go to for a cert? I'm planning on lifting my Foz with a 1" body lift and lifted springs so I can better access slightly less flat areas on the coast.
  12. I'll hopefully make it down so you're not the only Foz in attendance again
  13. Digging up an old thread but in the interest of having useful information readily available... The answer is easy enough you just need all the parts and it is plug and play. All the holes are already in the firewall so no need for cutting. You'll need: Manual Gearbox from a turbo Subaru with the same ratio as your rear diff (should be 4.444 from memory), clutch and flywheel in good condition. Clutch master cylinder Hydraulic clutch lines for the clutch Manual pedal box for brake and clutch - accelerator remains the same Manual Forester drive shaft Manual center console Gear knob It's a good idea to change all fluids at the same time to ensure your new box is in as healthy a state as possible. I may have written this up while procrastinating from actual work...
  14. Yup have looked at OzFoz / Forester.org and the it seems most of the kits they use have spacers for the trailing arms too. That said a lot of them don't come with them so it seems to depend on the kit and the amount of lift. Apparently if you lift more than 2 inches you start getting problems like those you mentioned and need more custom work like extending the steering and other fiddly bits- higher than I think I want to go.
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