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Found 10 results

  1. "I have a Datsun, I have a Subaru uggh! AWD" (sing to the tune of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) from http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/how-subaru-became-masters-of-awd/ read more on the link here's the first Paragraph to get you hooked kinda helps explain all the Nissan Tie-ins eh (DAT13 key profile and AFM's & stuff
  2. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source : http://pacificcoastjdm.com/review/subaru/imprezagc8/stats
  3. Hi guys, My power steering pump is screeching quite badly on cold starts but seems to happen more likely on warm days. So when I start the car, it immediately makes a very loud screeching noise and goes away once I get the car moving a bit/give it a bit of gas. I thought it could be the pulley but recently it started to stop working as well after the cold start for about a second when turning the wheel. Will try and get a video, but I just tried to get some videos this morning but it decided to start up without making a noise or anything. Anyone had the same problem before? The real question I need answered is whether I need to replace the pump completely, or can it be rebuilt/repaired whatever. Car is 2007 Legacy BP5 turbo JDM. Thanks in advanced people!
  4. Hey all, Just got a question about doing a 6 speed swap into my Legacy GT JDM. It's already a 5 speed manual, what would be required to make the change and how much roughly? Thanks in advanced!
  5. Can't seem to find any after market air intakes for JDM BP5s? Do Grimmspeed fit/work on JDM versions? Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks in advanced.
  6. Taking the highly tuned XRT 2008 JDM STI w/ a 2010+ STI 2.5 engine out before moving to the Syvecs Powertrain Solution. I do hope you enjoy it.
  7. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum :). I currently own a 2003 NZ New WRX Wagon. I was wondering what the differences are with NZDM and JDM wrx's. I know that USDM and JDM have a few difference, but are there any major changes between the 2? Also is there a specific way to find out if the car model is V7 or V8? I know people usually look at the the design of the car and associate it with V7 or V8 but I'm just wondering if they ever added a V7 motor into a V8 shell. Heres a picture of my car!
  8. I just imported a 2010 Sti Sedan, GVB from Japan. I've been told that these require really good fuel, and i should only run the BP98 in it. Is this true? I've heard other just run 95. Its my understanding the car should adapt...
  9. Hi all I have a V3 WRX RA I've heard from various places that these JDM wrx's often came with STI motors, but then I've heard others who say they do not. Does anyone have any more information? My car has an 1S ECU, like the motors i have heard that this is a WRX ECU, and elsewhere that it is an STI ECU. Im currently running 1Bar of boost but i want to run more so want to know if its possible my car may have an STI engine. Also does anyone know if swapping to the V3 STI 6S ECU will yield any benefit to my car? thanks for any info in advance Cheers
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