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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Team, I have a 06 Legacy GT Spec B a Jap import and it appears my front park lights are not working. now are the front parks a 2in1 within the indicator or is it a separate bulb. I took out two tiny wedge bulbs a 12v5W that was next to the indicator and im not sure if these are the park lights or not. Thanks guys!
  2. Just seen someone selling a 2007 Legacy GT Spec B 6 Speed Swap so Axles, Driveshafts, Subframes, Diffs the lot. Now what I want to know is am I correct in saying that this drivetrain is the same as the WRX STI of that year and if so would this be an easy swap into an 01 WRX?
  3. Gidday.....again, have a 2006 bp5 stock standard legacy auto, having trouble when the car is cold. When started from overnight the car starts good, but idles at bout 2000rmp, then after 5 seconds it drops to 800 then up to 1500rpm then the engine shakes the car considerably, and when driven like this has no power, have put new spark plugs in it OEM ones, cleaned the maf, unsure where else to look. When warm drives great and idles steady. Sorry for the long novel here but any help would be appreciated, cheers rick
  4. Hi Team, in the Market for a Manual Wagon to do some work on and improve. Saw this listing https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-2586721445.htm wondered what general issues you guys see in it? having almost 300k on the body and a unknown engine swap. It seems he has done a fair bit of work on pumps and pulleys and suspension components so seems fine to me? Just never owned a Subi past 150kms. Any redflags i should be looking out for here?
  5. hi guys im a noob when it comes to subarus, i was wondering if a 06 legacy gt spec b jdm version has a catless uppipe and what other generation of parts would work on it and if it has a aftermarket ecu or just the stock ecu? pics below (excuse the terrible English and whats the white cord for too? IMG20200513073149.jpg 2.8 MB
  6. Hey team! looking for a part number or better yet the actual name of this damn pipe! i have a 2006 jdm legacy spec b 6sp manual VF45 turbo EJ20Y looking for the pipe from the turbo outlet to the TMIC ... looks like mine has a leak and has crumpled down at the bottom Any help would be appreciated guys
  7. So I discovered the wonderful world of btssm and am loving it so far ... however when I had reset my ecu I had noticed a couple knock issues detected ... done just over 1000km since the reset on mostly highway conditions as well as some spirited driving over the maungamuka gorge (the log data linked shows the 8ish minute long and fun drive) ... after reading the log and checking my LV I am abit worried as most of the knocks come on at 4500rpm ... now it appears the LV has knocked my ecu down a few notches in the way of power... First off I am curious as to how this would happen on a bog stock 2006 JDM legacy gt spec b 6sp manual ... From my understanding this year was the change over year for example my turbo is supposed to be a td04 (from what i have read) but is instead a vf45 ... also being stick max boost target is 14.5 however I'm getting spikes up to 17 in some cases but more commonly around 15.5 for longer than a second Any help or suggestions are much appreciated Thanks
  8. hi guys first off yes I'm an idiot just to get that out of the way. I have taken the engine out of my bp5 due to a small end going in it. I have a replacement engine already bolted in. my trouble is since it's been awhile since I actually took the engine out I am having trouble find the correct placement for hoses and bits and pieces under the intake manifold. I have I believe the wiring loom correctly installed at lest. if any ones has taken photos of them doing the job before and can send me some photos as I cannot find what I'm looking for in other sites and scrolling through hundreds of photos with no joy. to be clear it's a photo without the plastic manifold on. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated thanks Rhy
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