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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys First time posting, long time Subaru owner. I've got a 1989 BC5, which I have spent the last 2 and half years building with the intention of being a street legal drifter. Due to lockdowns (and life) I haven't been able to take it to a track day and so it just sits in the garden no being used. I really want to get out and enjoy the car especially after spending 2 years, and a stack of cash, sorting it out. I have done some of my own research and I know the basics of certs, adjusties, power, seats etc, but I find the LVVTA website difficult to understand. I need advice more around RWD conversions, steering set up and general welding rules. I have kept the car pretty basic with the aim of seat time over time in the shed. I have also included a full list of specs and mods below. "???" for mods i am unsure about. Are there any cert guru's out there that have done something like this before and could tell me if I'm dreaming, or is it possible without costing my a fortune?? 1989 legacy VZ - shell has current rego (on hold) and cert but certed for EZ30 and adjusties. V4 STI EJ20K - completely stock Link plug in ECU @ 195kw V4 STI gear box - welded center diff - ??? Drive shaft loops Tein adjusties STI 4pot front brakes 30mm front spacers Redrilled front knuckles - ??? Spaced alloy lower arms 2.5" turbo back exhaust with Apexi rear muffler V4 STI strut brace BC5 RS steering wheel NZKW bucket seats 4 point harnesses - still have factory seat belts Home seat rails - ??? Rear half cage - ??? (welded by a fabricator not me) Welded BH5 rear diff - Obviously needs to be removed for cert. Stripped rear interior and boot lining. RS front and rear bumper and bonnet - yes, im that guy. Apologies - Lots of info! ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I just want to drive the bloody thing! C
  2. here's a little something I've got my eye on in another forum and of course there's this guy @BLAZD share your favorite OR not so favorite conversion you've seen
  3. Firstly this is a how to dealing with welding a centre diff BUT allowing the retaining of the front axles so to make it easier to pass a WOF without to many questions. Now for the warnings I take no responsibility about any damage done to the vehicle or person whom under takes this mod . You will need to take the centre diff out of the gearbox, this can be done with gearbox in car This is the centre diff as it should look (this one is from a 93ish GT so yours may look different) Dismantle the centre diff by removing the circlip I would also remove all bearings if u wish to reuse them, You should now have 3 bits the carrier, the drive flange and the viscous coupling, u will need to cut part of the viscous coupling of to negate the front drive After some measurements I figured out that a length of 20mm would work best Marked Cut The 2 parts now, a wee clean up and looks good I used a 4" grinder with a 1mm cutting disk on it,I would suggest having it parted of in a lathe but mine is only a wee hobby lathe All back together and welded at the spider gears Put back in and go do a some skids
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