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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

      12 Hand picked full colour photos, taken by menbers, submitted by members and chosen by members.
      All vehicles in the calendar are owned by members of the NZ Subaru Enthusiasts community.

      A massive thanks to the team at PBMS for coming on board for another year!

      This is a very sought after calendar and only available for a limited time.
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  1. I have the Znoellis installed, they are excellent for the street so far, quiet but a fair bit of brake dust.
  2. Would be keen, weather dependent .
  3. Maybe not Palmy, that's what a 5 hour drive? Taupo would be ok, or Auckland. Or just to rags Better organise this before end of winter, missus is trying to get me to trade it in for a Tuscon.
  4. Would be keen for a cruise!, new discs and pads, serviced. ready before I pull it apart again.
  5. It's a 2008 2.0r AUS spec i believe.
  6. Well,.. today I received a letter from subaru for a safety recall notification regarding the takata airbags. hmm. Just purchased a cambelt kit for the hatch, looks like a weekend job
  7. unplug the main harness.
  8. nvm sorted ;D
  9. Heyo, would anyone in Hamilton have a guard roller I might be able to borrow?, happy to hire for a cost.
  10. Successful day, Fixed the impreza + new oil change Removed the SSQV(real) from the sti, <- drives soo much better, less rpm drop between shifts, stronger boost in low rpm, very reccomended do to. I forgot what full drive ability felt like. Turbo doesn't spool as loud now, :( use to sound like a jet plane. But now I have wastegate chatter on high boost Maybe it was just masked by the ssqv before.
  11. I don't think the 08 model has the avcs filter? Anyway I pulled the ocv valve out, and swapped it to Bank A and the car started! but with check engine still on, so I guess off to buy a new Bank B sensor. Thanks for the help. Duurr just had to reset the ecu all is working fine now after a 2k drive. 'touch wood'
  12. Actually just checked for cel using the 'headlights on/off & trip meter push method" < really cool feature I wasn't aware of until now, and it shows P2092 cel, the throttle body also has a constant buzzzzzzzz noise while the key is set to on.
  13. I wasn't sure, I had a predetermined thought that the middle notches should be aligned.
  14. I moved it before dropping the old oil. Just scratching my head so much, Once I changed the oil the car wouldn't start. Cranks but doesn't fire.
  15. I had recently completed a oil change on my 08 impreza and before hand moved the car started and moved forward less than a meter and shut off the car all within a second. After completing the oil change the car wouldn't change. I replaced plugs, filters, pump test, and then decided to take a look at the belt which looked like this. is this the reason my car won't start?