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  1. I have the Znoellis installed, they are excellent for the street so far, quiet but a fair bit of brake dust.
  2. Maybe not Palmy, that's what a 5 hour drive? Taupo would be ok, or Auckland. Or just to rags Better organise this before end of winter, missus is trying to get me to trade it in for a Tuscon.
  3. Would be keen for a cruise!, new discs and pads, serviced. ready before I pull it apart again.
  4. Well,.. today I received a letter from subaru for a safety recall notification regarding the takata airbags. hmm. Just purchased a cambelt kit for the hatch, looks like a weekend job
  5. Heyo, would anyone in Hamilton have a guard roller I might be able to borrow?, happy to hire for a cost.
  6. Successful day, Fixed the impreza + new oil change Removed the SSQV(real) from the sti, <- drives soo much better, less rpm drop between shifts, stronger boost in low rpm, very reccomended do to. I forgot what full drive ability felt like. Turbo doesn't spool as loud now, :( use to sound like a jet plane. But now I have wastegate chatter on high boost Maybe it was just masked by the ssqv before.
  7. I don't think the 08 model has the avcs filter? Anyway I pulled the ocv valve out, and swapped it to Bank A and the car started! but with check engine still on, so I guess off to buy a new Bank B sensor. Thanks for the help. Duurr just had to reset the ecu all is working fine now after a 2k drive. 'touch wood'
  8. Actually just checked for cel using the 'headlights on/off & trip meter push method" < really cool feature I wasn't aware of until now, and it shows P2092 cel, the throttle body also has a constant buzzzzzzzz noise while the key is set to on.
  9. I wasn't sure, I had a predetermined thought that the middle notches should be aligned.
  10. I moved it before dropping the old oil. Just scratching my head so much, Once I changed the oil the car wouldn't start. Cranks but doesn't fire.
  11. I had recently completed a oil change on my 08 impreza and before hand moved the car started and moved forward less than a meter and shut off the car all within a second. After completing the oil change the car wouldn't change. I replaced plugs, filters, pump test, and then decided to take a look at the belt which looked like this. is this the reason my car won't start?