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  1. @Dairusire broo that is absolutely nuts. you have the willpower of the gods to stick to it , good on ya. hope it bring you plenty smiles to come, that weekend story is more intimate than some have in years with their car haha.
  2. get rid of that bmw and come back to the subaru side

  3. is there anything particularly special about the a-line auto that makes it worth losing money to transfer in to it? list those special things out.. and transfer them in to a nice manual v11 sti of your liking. in many situations it's really cool to find your dream shell that may be a rare type and transfer things of your liking in to it.. but in this case it's not really different between the transmission types and neither are rare so that's the reason no one does it.
  4. cars been in dirty 'rally' mode for few months now due to auckland water ban (that's my excuse and i'm sticking with it ) , took it slow and did a full simple detail by hand, feeling out and taking notes of areas for paint correction later. vacuum, interior clean with soapy water on leather bits , wipe down rest. wash/dry , meguiars ultimate polish 1 pass, meguiars ultimate wax, rainx glass cleaner, rain x water repellant on glass. silicone to black out the black stuff and around the tyres. ran out of wheel cleaner so warm dish soap and some elbow grease like good old days lol. bas
  5. yep for some idiotic reason the guy at VTNZ unscrewed my oil cap and left it off on my old car some years back was a toyota allex (n/a so probably not a big deal). went down the road noticed check engine light , popped bonnet and saw that was pretty annoyed. had a go at the dude but he claims was just trying to be helpful doing a free fluids checkup. car ran great for years after so didn't seem to do any damage but annoying all the same.
  6. ypu tahts it bro hmmm maybe @Gripless can comment how it compares to the stock gold, since he had same wheels but stock gold . mind you the colour of mine shifts a little based on angle because i put a weak coat of some glitter gold spray as i thought it would look cool 🤣 it does add some texture but up close it makes it look like a bad paint job and took away from all the time i spent doing it.. so learn from my mistake and dont do that one haha. the rustoleum is otherwise really good and to my eyes seemed like stock colour
  7. oh yeah this is the section of my spam thread that covers the wheels that rustoleum stuff pretty good. i'm not a rough rally driver or anything but combination of my hobbies finds me driving lot of gravel paths and stuff so far this has held up and stayed strong. still easy to clean with that clear i put on it all around really happy a year later for such a budget job.
  8. whoops sorry the late response, it is a fairly flush fit, i got some pics on my thread here in this linked post. mine is the older xav3000 model not sure if there is size difference to the new models
  9. LOL i took like 2 photos of my car and all the rest just general landscape / astrophotography haha. love the car but didnt find it that interesting of a photography subject, probably won't be bothered to clean it and get some shots pre 1st dec. just honestly lazy
  10. @JordanfromNZ , the guy with the bh5 revd which he has named as Arwen and does questionable activities with in the back seats
  11. Conspiracy of the day : what if recalls was just some Made up s*** so dealers could get your car in, rig them to fail sooner than later and upset people while it’s there ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. You getting one? Source? Cost? Gimme details haha[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Can confirm it really helps alleviate the no AC issue , did in my old car , used that latch from dairusire and was awesome as. Consider some window monsoons too so you can crack the windows during rain as roof vent while raining isn’t great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. There are plenty around at dealers bro, you should test drive before shopping around heaps. Test drive was a massive eye opener for me, atleast. just knew I couldn’t have it and that’s saying a lot coz didn’t mind the auto skyline 370 as much initially whic is what I ended up with at the time which I’ll add is also s*** compared to manual version but 10k cheaper so compromised at the time. Drove manual for 15 years now through Auckland rubbish traffic with heavy clutches, light flywheels and still can’t figure out what people complain about, it’s such a subconscious part of driving but so rewa
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