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  1. Damn! The price is right Typo in the name btw
  2. Just wondering what people use? I've got a 2007 BP5 2.0 GT EJ20X\5EAT. Not sure I want to trust Ryco stuff :\ Oil filter ATF Filter (internal or external on my model?) Air filter Cabin filter
  3. Awesome, thanks guys Edit: That's quite the build thread you linked Andy_Mac Yes @ that specific model of Sony.
  4. Hi all, I'm wanting to replace my Japanese GPS with a a Sony unit as per this video. Can someone point me in the direction of the harnesses for the factory wiring and steering wheel controls?
  5. Today I learn Never head back from these guys. Must not want my business
  6. Can't be cloned as it has the immobiliser RFID chip in it which needs to be programmed to the car.
  7. Hi all, got a 2007 JDM BP5 with only one key and wanting another one. However, I don't want to pay Subaru $920! I can't claim on insurance unfortunately as I never had a 2nd one to begin with (and my policy only covers stolen keys anyway). I was wondering if it was possible to buy a couple of transponder remotes and "clone" the existing transponder and just get keys cut to go along with them. Then I could just leave the original remote with the immobiliser RFID in the car and lock\unlock with the remotes (and have the key as a backup if battery goes flat) I'm guessing disabling the immobiliser altogether is beyond impossible?
  8. Ahh yep, thanks
  9. Thanks mate! Still can't see I.C.E or maybe I'm going blind
  10. I can't see anything
  11. Can anyone recommend a good place to get my Auto serviced in Wellington or Lower Hutt?
  12. Thanks guys, getting it looked at today
  13. Had my Legacy serviced yesterday and they changed the fluid. Noticed driving home that I have to push the brake pedal down quite far now before anything happens. Does it take a while for pressure to build up or should I take it back and get them to bleed them again (if they even did it the first time) ?
  14. Hmmm...should search harder. Guys Body Shop looks good