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  1. Now a paid up member. See you all there
  2. Will I get laughed off the track with a stock auto Legacy GT wagon??
  3. Anyone more mechanically minded then me able to help me remove my secondary air pump system? I have blanking plates and can disable the error codes myself. Happy to pay cash\beer
  4. I actually have Dayton DT30's on there already (from when I bought it). They're pretty crappy. Also the Zetums are $15 less.
  5. Time for new tyres for my BP5. There's not a lot of choice in the stock 215/45/17 size. Thinking I might give the Zetum ZU37 a go since they're such a good price.
  6. I bought 5 of them (along with 5 genuine filters) from Partsouq
  7. Ok, an update. The clicking I could hear was actually the air pump relay. Seems the test doesn't make the relay click for 2, only 1. I then noticed that the relay for "Air cut 2" was missing...wtf. I put the one in from Air Cut 1 and the pump relay still doesn't click when I test. Some weirdness there. Not sure why it's missing or why it's never thrown a code before. Anyway, it did it 2 cold starts in a row and hasn't done it since (I cleared the codes both times). Have ordered the KSTech blanking plates. Got both the ones that go directly on the heads for a full delete and the ones that go between the pipe and the valves. Thought it might be easier to leave the valve with the atmo sensor in place and remove everything else. Have ordered a Tactrix cable as well so I can get a tune and get the secondary air pump codes deleted at the same time. I'm sick of hearing the stupid noisy thing every time I cold start.
  8. Tested using FreeSSM and it's the one closest to the turbo (Secondary Air Combi Valve 2). I can hear the other one clicking when I start the test but not this one. Anyone have one they want to sell by any chance (or could help with a part number??)
  9. Ok, I've just started getting a - P1410 Secondary Air Combi Valve Open Seized code. Looks like a complete pump delete and a tune to remove the related codes is the best option. Won't be able to get that done for a while though so my question is it safe to drive around? Some googling has me worried that if the valve is stuck open that the air pump system will heat up and things will start melting\catching on fire?
  10. I respect the amount of BP Legacys you have.....
  11. Hmmm...might have to give this a go. Also, to everyone using Amourall, throw that sh*t in the bin. Meguiar's Natural Shine is what you want to be using for all plastics and rubber trim on your cars.
  12. I like the pre-face lift GT Spec B wheels and the Face lift GT Spec B honeycomb grille.
  13. On the subject of Facelift...when I bought my '07 BP5 that has a grille like this I thought that was facelift but it seems they actually all have the one with the bar across them (like all the ones on Trade Me that OP linked). I've also seen some that have a similar one to mine but it's recessed and has a bigger honeycomb type mesh. What models got what?
  14. Yeah, definitely a 3.0 or the 2.0 Turbo. Out of those 3, I'd go for the black 2007 one for sure.
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