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  1. @Subirex Automotive There is loan car now? That would make my life so much easier...corralling wife to take baby and second car out to Manukau from West Auckland to drop my car off has always been a "fun" logistical problem, lol.
  2. Hmmm, my "daily" has RE003s...wonder how they will hold up! Looking forward to getting an EV and putting Bridgestone Ecopia's on it to save my tyres and petrol budget for weekends:)
  3. @Batbaruman given you have "given up that race car life", shouldn't you be getting bridgestone ecopias?
  4. Will take it for a spin round the block this avo to check it is definitely gone. Due for a service so will have a poke around when AJ has it on the hoists.
  5. In the process of moving the car from the street to the drive way it stopped,phew. Funny as my wife says she drove for about 1km with it doing this...maybe reversing with full wheel lock was the trick!
  6. Is a rock stuck somehwere or has something failed? Driver's side front wheel. Wife thinks it started while she was driving around. Jacked it up and tried to wobble the wheel and it seems fine. Anything else I should check? Pull the calliper off?
  7. What type of driving are you doing? Stop/start auckland traffic or open road etc...?
  8. A friend of mine had the same model Megane I believe (maybe the previous gen)...sold it because the maintenance costs were killing him (clutch going was the straw the broke the camels back from memory). Sold it and bought a Mazadspeed turbo and hasn't had to do anything to it since he bought it. Audi S4's are a sexy car. For similar kms and age it would cost more than double what I got the BR9 for...think I'll be sticking JDM until after we have extended the house, stopped having kids and my wife is working full time again! I think there may be an EV in our future though, using the BR9 as a commuter is not the most cost effective thing to do!
  9. Wife just called to let me know that a) we need a new tire for the BPE as she drove into the kurb and b) there was an inch or so of water under the spare and the jack etc...are rusting. Any tips on where to look for leaks? seen a few threads on here (not for BPs) saying to check the gaskets for the tail lights and the seal around the boot door.
  10. Same - it's great because it's frame like a normal landscape shot and you only notice the car after you have taken in the rest of the photo.
  11. Do ppl get a 3 port for turbo BR/BMs as well?
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