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  1. I hadn't thought of that....
  2. Na dad drove it down yesterday so in chch now but I'm home on the 19th so won't be driven til then
  3. Hahaha I saw this pic on fb then looked them up haha
  4. True yea it was very sad. Think it was back in August so haven't had it for ages! Can't wait to get back home and go for a drive haha
  5. Na bro still got the same one. I got hit so it's been off the road for a few months. Fixed now but ill be getting it at Xmas cause I live up in auckland now
  6. Aftermarket just for looks mainly
  7. Don't suppose anyone would know the thread size etc for a front tow hook for a version 7 Sti? Cheers
  8. Hello all sorry I've been so quiet a lot going on. Thinking of having a meet and cruise on the 17th of August. Let anyone know in the area with a subie and spread the word around. Be good to get a indication of numbers on here and I'll put up some details in the next few days. Cheers �� edit : also check for the "Official CS FB Event stuff" ~ JOker
  9. Hey... Originally from Christchurch and love the meets down there so if anything is happening round the area would be keen to come along. Name: Zach Ride: Version 7 STI Living in Blenhiem Cell 0273790468
  10. Zach00

    Tyres in chch

    Hey. Just wondering who knows any good spots in chch to get some good quality tyres at a decent price. Churr 😄
  11. sweet thanks for the help ;D
  12. Hi, Im looking at getting a sti genome exhaust for my version 7. looking at one of trademe off a SG5 Forester that the seller has "heard" will fit my car. Anyone know if this is the case?? Heres the auction if it helps
  13. Weeeeeelllll.. that\'s at the bottom of the first post :-* yes it is... woops ;D
  14. Very handy especially if your heading out of town