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  1. I replied to your previous thread: IMO - sell and and get an STi, they have more potential at the end of the day and you'll probably spend more $$ trying to get your WRX to feel like an STi.
  2. IMO - just get another EJ205 WITH AVCS from a v7 or v8 WRX. Probably looking around 1500 to 2k. Try Strong for Subaru, they're generally pretty good
  3. I have a 2002 Version 8 WRX. I first replaced the TD04HL to a TD05-16G - it wasn't a straight swap. The car was also retuned and it made a lazy 175kw. Lazy. It was not a great experience. When on boost, it felt OK. Off boost, it sucked. Avoid. I replaced the TD05 with a VF30, retuned, 196kw - a WAY more responsive car. I'm so happy with it. I've also upgraded from the WRX Blue injectors to STi Pink injectors, a STI manifold, that does not have the TGV valves, STi intercooler and a decatted factoy downpipe. I believe I'm getting limited by the flow of the WRX heads, but I'm not chasing power Also - I avg 11l per 100k daily driving and about 9.8l per 100k on the open road.
  4. Talk to Dave @ BrakeTech, I've been using Dixzel pads and they're great! Otherwise @gotasuby can help. Good pads will come at a cost, whether it's noise, brake dust or poor cold performance. It does depend on your driving style/goals. You wouldn't want to run a race orientated pad if you're just a bit of a quick street driver.
  5. GOT IT! Borrows a camera that's on a 5m long cable. Now I can't get the OE heatshield back on.. fml.
  6. Went to swap the factory turbo headshield for a random one I was given for Christmas. Didn't fit, plus one of my earbuds fell into the engine bay. Spent 3 hours trying to locate it, gave up, Sulked. I don't think my Subaru wants any lovin' or I'm cursed for working on cars.
  7. When my seat belts were squeaking, I cut those ribs out. Didn't see any wax coating on them. Good work!
  8. It's Duplicolor glossy, and yeah I did go a bit ham and the coats are too thick, but looks OK for a first timer. For the Subaru writing, you're pretty dead on the money, but I will use silver paint
  9. Gave painting one of my calipers a crack, photo makes it look OK
  10. I used: 22433AA551 https://partsouq.com/en/search/all?q=22433AA551
  11. Take photos, lots of photos of your dash and pillar trim prior, just to be safe.
  12. Can someone ELI5? Regardless of turbo size, get/make the biggest downpipe you can?
  13. Interesting, my 2002 WRX has "baby blue" injectors which around 440cc
  14. Genuine Version 8 STI scoop. Got that off Partsouq for like $150.
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