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  1. Cheers for the update! Awesome to see 98/100 becoming more common eh? My WRX may almost make it from Wanaka to Hoki on a tank of 98
  2. Pop ye bonnet, and get a buddy to listen near the brake master cylinder as you depress the brake . I recon Gripless is onto it.
  3. Do it! Well, when we find out where FN23 is going to be
  4. I'll come up from Chch if you trailer down to Manfield, deal?
  5. Message Dave at BrakeTech, he will look after you: https://www.facebook.com/Braketech I heard Bendix Ultimates are EOL for 4 pots Welcome back - loved seeing your GC8 rip up Manfield
  6. Keep it covered in must and go for most dirty car.. if there is an award
  7. AWesome! Got anything to do prior? Wash it? I think we may have met once.. but I can't remember to be honest.
  8. Anyone making the journey down/up to CHCH for Flat Nats? Or just down the road? I'll be there in my wagon Just got an oil and coolant change then a wash and I'll be good to go.
  9. STi Pink springs and STi red struts. To give you an idea of ride height
  10. On a trip to a day hike, I reversed into a car park, with a bit of a dip.. I did not realise how big the dip was and pulled the lip off when leaving. The lip was a cheap, not the best fitting one from ebay so I'm not worried and I'm liking the cleaner look TBH
  11. Car is getting a new clutch at the moment.. plus the rocker covers, rear main seal and the PCV valve and hoses replaced. Hopefully pick it up a in a couple of weeks. Front lip is gone..and I kind of prefer the cleaner look.
  12. Awesome news ! Now if only BP in Greymouth would drop 98 to be comparatively priced to NPD 100
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