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  1. Can confirm you get some wooshy noises when on song. Can confirm non-brand ones are garbage, my one is. Was a nightmare to install and lots of adapters to make vac lines fit. Thankfully it doesn't collapse under pressure.
  2. Second this, the Genome is quite a big muffler and the AdrenalinR's sound bloody good. Or if your car still has a mid cat, get that removed.
  3. Drive it, enjoy it, worry about the trans when something happens - K's really aren't everything, service history plays a big role.. If it does go pop, just throw in another, or even try find a 5sp STi box with the right ratio to match your rear diff and get back to it. My car has done 147,000k and 4th gear is crunchy, not the end of the world and it still gets a beating when I drive it.
  4. Nah bro you're all good, WRX's are tough, a launch or two won't hurt.
  5. Who is your tuner? They'd know if it's worth going to a STi intercooler.. probably not so much on the TD04, that and the WRX scoop probably isn't tall enough.. Will be interested to see your dyno plot to compare against mine
  6. What happens if you blip the throttle? Does that noise change note? First thought is an exhaust leak somewhere
  7. Yup that was an STi with the EJ25, plus lots and lots of money spent on it
  8. Loser of the show and shine: DSCF0553 by Mitchell Lindsay, on Flickr An awesome GF8 won, won't deny that
  9. I think you'll be the one to let us know how you get on! Good luck
  10. Subscribed! Would the running Hawkeye make an appearance at a Chch Trackday anytime soon? I'll pop out and say hello
  11. You'd be hard pressed to find an Outback with an 'honest' owner using 95 :( I'd just try find one that is tidy, good service history and go from there
  12. Go see my post. Not sure why my photo isn't showing No issues with my gearbox either.
  13. I replied to your previous thread: IMO - sell and and get an STi, they have more potential at the end of the day and you'll probably spend more $$ trying to get your WRX to feel like an STi.
  14. IMO - just get another EJ205 WITH AVCS from a v7 or v8 WRX. Probably looking around 1500 to 2k. Try Strong for Subaru, they're generally pretty good
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