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  1. Sold it lol. Now just the Leone. no more turbo scoob. weird.
  2. Decided gonna sell the V9 STi, 25k. Need to clean it first. Just pre-market here. Launch control,tuned by chris wall @prestige 221kw atw, intake, exhaust, 3mm mani spacers, dw300 fuel pump, defi gauges, PM if interested. Body has had a few trolley dings. 6 Speed, DCCD, 5x114, 143k kms. I have an aprilia rsv4 if I want to go fast. So the leone is plenty of fun.
  3. willpower of the gods, nah. Mans just doesn't know when he's beat lmao Also, the above figures are not yet applied to diff ratio, so if you have a 4.44:1 diff, divide that 510nm by 4.44 giving you roughly 114nm of actual torque.
  4. Back in the land of the driving!! Leone got its wof wednesday, not before first getting a $200 MDC parking ticket for no wof... She's pretty for a 30 year old car. Not bad considering it hadn't been on the road in 4 years. Parked next to a Brumby, because it was there.
  5. Glad to see you'll have it running by the time I'm back up Exhaust welded, now I just need some silicone to finish off the gluing I'll be doing. Leone is very nearly ready for a wof
  6. New windscreen in the Leone today, just in time for the rain! lol Trims re-installed. Done: Rust in boot Rust under windscreen Power steering New Windscreen. To do: Weld up holes in exhaust (just end of the muffler tbh) Glue rear Hi-stop light to rear screen glue rubber trims I made to sides of windscreen Put a little air in tyres. WOF Rego Then: Get my licence back test drive it from Blenheim to Auckland.
  7. oh nah mate, she was out and accross in front of the driver, and up a touch from the bottom point. Effectively 2 edge cracks, and one long crack out across the windscreen. Well, the windscreen is out now. Sussing a few rust repairs on corners of that, waiting for s*** to dry, and that's the weekend job. Chuur
  8. yesterday fixed all the rust around the boot of the Leone, power steering sussed. Now i just need to get the windscreen out and organise getting another one in and installed.
  9. f***ing lol. So must've been an imperfection in the glass already, last night temperatures dropped a bit and now the Leone has a crack in the glass in the bottom drivers side corner hahah. well, at least there doesn't appear to be any significant rust along the windscreen line. so replacement shouldn't be too painful. Finding another windscreen however... hahaha
  10. Well, she's here. A wee bit of rust around the boot, about what I expected, and there's a bit sort of settling in the corners of the windscreen, but that's not bad from what I can see and easily enough 'fixed' for the time being. Runs and drives well. 4wd engages and disengages happily. Yeah, basically just rust and clean up. Pretty happy tbh
  11. Just picked up a 1990 Leone for just under 2k, it needs a little work. But I remember as a kid, the old man picking up one for only $100.00 lol So; definitely climbing a bit. All the good condition ones are going for quite a bit more than that Also, recently saw my old GC8 up for sale with another 50 thou on the clock for 12.5k, and I sold it for 7K 3 years ago lol. Simple question of supply and demand.
  12. Okay, so after a decade or so of being on CS; I finally bought a Leone lmao. Problem is it's in CHCH; Does anyone have any good experiences with transporter companies; or does anyone have a car trailer and is willing to deliver up to blenheim for me (adequately compensated) noting I am in the court ordered walking crew atm, so driving back up isn't an option lol - Disregard the transporter request. Got a mate in Chch to Suss me to undercut all the big companies. Diesel is cheap now team. Make the most of it.
  13. Subaru did it too, with the 360. for that is the number of degrees in each rotation of the engine.
  14. After a years worth of oil changes, Someone finally decided it was time to get rid of the waste oil. 😂
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