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  1. Sad news. My car was parked at auckland airport over those dates too. Super paranoid. This country is going to crap with thieving scum.
  2. I couldn't even get the oil filter off today. 3 different "oil filter wrenches" and a meaty pairs of pliers and all I'm left with is a mangled filter. Tomorrow its screw driver and hammer time!
  3. Yeah, I have done this. From memory - you have to slide a thin screwdrive or similar under the mirror. The backing plate has a small lip that holds the mirror in. (By the end this lip got a little scratched up). Do it very slowly and gently, as the glass will crack or chip if you bend it too much. The glass it attached to the backing plate with double-sided tape. Once you get a good portion of it up, its not to hard to pry the rest away. (I may have even heated the glass and plastic lip with a hair drier to start with ??). Once the glass is out, there is one screw holding the backing plate to the wing mirror assembly. Then it might take a little pull to remove it from the 'ball and socket' joint. It was a while ago, but I think that was about it.
  4. I have non-sti 98 wrx w/ vf22. iirc biggest in the range at the time. ^spools later ^pulls like crazy
  5. Popped the hood for a look-see and found a split vaccum hose off the manifold. Had to remove the intercooler to trace where it was going. Went under the Idle Control Valve. Hose replaced. Subsequent random idle issue I was having now fixed - go figure. ... also ordered some wheels from Japan.
  6. C'mon auckland. .. unless I'm missing something??
  7. Model: V4 GC8 Displacement: 2L Mods: Link G4, Process West TMIC, 3" TBE, Walbro fuel pump, VF22 Fuel: BP 98 Octane Tuner/dyno: Mark, DTech Dynapack 197kw
  8. Keen for a black one too. Post up when they have them in stock.
  9. hey man,


    assume you needed to get a cert for your new BC's??


    was thinking about getting MCA's for my ageing GC8. Interesting to see you go with the golds in the end.



    1. Niran


      Hey man! 

      I already had a cert from the previous set of BC Golds.

      If i had the money, i would have probably bought the MCA reds. I got the BCs for such a good price so went with that option. Decent performance and comfort. Real good bang for buck! 

      Just need to take good care of them, and probably copper grease the lowering threads before you install (i didnt).

  10. can't be too many yellow bridges about eh?
  11. I have a 98 GC8 (v4) and easily get 480-500km per tank. Open road its closer to 530. idle 800rpm. Hard when your a cash strapped student - but run it on 98.
  12. installed the walbro. next - deal with the back log of parts i've been collecting.
  13. i just threw up a little in my mouth. those wheels ....