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  1. Just wondering what piping/hosing anyone uses to recirc a bov on a front mount setup (bov located near throttle body). Been looking around a lot but am struggling to find something bendy enough that doesn't just fold and is strong enough to handle pressure. Cheers heaps. P. S diameter is around 30mm if I remember correctly and is a GFB respons on a v5 ej207
  2. You've got me intrigued. So the intake manifold, fuel lines, rails and loom from a legacy rev d? And that will plug straight into the v5/6? plus the pink injectors. Sounds interesting, any clue where I could find those around auckland easily, and how much they go for? Cheers
  3. Okay just to clarify, I'm looking for injectors that will be able to safely go above and beyond my power goals, and have plenty of headroom for the future. Cheers
  4. Hey guys, Just looking for some recommendations for sizes and brands of injectors for my gf8 build. Really wanting them to fit stock location so I don't have to do a top feed conversion. Shooting for around 220kw atw and would love to hear from some of you with similar builds. Cheers
  5. Just a follow up to my previous post about the build I've got going. I ended up purchasing a cheap fmic kit and the fitment was so terrible I just took it back. I've decided it's not worth spending my money on cheap parts that I'm not going to be happy with. So basically I'm getting some custom IC piping fabricated and am looking for a good quality IC to bolt up front. What intercoolers/brands are you guys running and what do you recommend for sizing and all that. Any other constructive comments are welcome. TIA Ben
  6. I've had a very similar problem with my '98 STI. I believe it's called a 'Hunting Idle' and from the research I've done it seems as if it's an issue with the IACV. Have seen on some forums people recommending to pull the idle speed controller and give it a spray with some electrical contact cleaner and give it a wipe down. While it's out might as well have a look at the throttle body and surrounds. I haven't had the chance to give this a go myself yet, but if it works it seems like a pretty quick fix if that's what the issue is.
  7. Just to clarify what I'm actually asking: What size wastegate should I be looking to run, as well as models/brands? Is it necessary to decap the stock injectors for the power range I'm looking to achieve? Does the fuel pump need to be upgraded? Fuel pressure regulator? For ECU I'm thinking of going with a link G4 plug and play, is this a good choice? Recommendation on what size/model of blow-off valve; Atmosphere vs Recirc etc... And any other tips you guys can give me for my first build Cheers again, Ben
  8. Recently started a V5 GF8 project at the start of the year and I am looking for some advice for the direction in which my build should go. So far I have a set of 17x8 Rota Grids with Michelin Pilot Sport 4's, BC gold coilovers (yet to be installed), and a 3inch turbo-back exhaust. I am looking to make around 220-240kw at the wheels and any advice as to how I can achieve this would be great. I assume front mount intercooler, de-capped injectors, larger wastegate?, standalone ecu and a tune would do it, but I'd really appreciate hearing from someone with some experience on the specifics like brands, models of recommended parts. Cheers, Ben p.s. Engine is a stock v5 STI ej207 with a vf28? turbo.
  9. Yeah man was definitely around the start of the year. I can remember just going through videos on youtube and that one popping up, and how similar it looked to the one that was on trademe, then realising they were the same car. What a salesperson hahah, loves a 'G-reddy' turbo timer From memory I think they were asking $11,000 on the trademe post. Really is the dream car and would love to get my hands on one. Cheers
  10. Managed to figure out how haha Also just remembered there's a youtube video made by some dealer on it.
  11. I'm looking for the owner of a 1999 Gf8 Sti. The number plate is cju129. I know this might seem weird but a while back, around the start of this year I saw the car posted up on Trade Me. At that point in time I didn't have the funds to be able to purchase it, but now I have the right amount and was wondering if anyone could help me in tracking down the owner, in the hope that they might be willing to sell it. I know this seems like a long shot but I've been on the hunt for a nice Gf8 for a while now and this one is exactly what I'm looking for. I have a screenshot of it from nzbuysell.com where it was posted up months ago, but in all honesty have no clue how to add it to this post. (I'm new to the forum) From the information I've gathered it was sold from Manukau Park and Sell sometime this earlier this year and has around 120,000 kms on the clock. The paintjob is dark metallic grey. Cheers for any help in advance.
  12. Hey Marky, links state they suit 1995 imprezas, will this be a problem for my 1994?
  13. So I bought an old 1994 impreza hx 4wd last year and the shifter bushings have completely worn out. The play in gear feels just like neutral. I have been searching high and low for new bushings or even the whole replacement assembly but have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can locate some, aftermarket or OEM I'm not fussed, Cheers
  14. So I recently bought a 1994 Impreza 1.8l for my first car and I've been having a couple small issues with it. Occasionally it just won't start, the engine turns over but won't fire. This doesn't happen very frequently, maybe three or four times over the last couple months I've owned it, and seems to happen when I am restarting the car after just turning it off. Cheers in advance for any help given
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