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  1. Don't have any of the WRX this time, and havent gone to the south island yet, so only have these from one trip.
  2. For what car, what size and what do you want out of it? Those seem alright prices for what your getting depending on what size you have. You said in another thread you might be driving on snow, so the SP Sport 600 wouldn't be a good choice as its a summer tyre, and the blocky tread pattern wouldn't grip very well. The Sport Maxx RT could be pretty good given its the factory fit on the 2015ish WRX STi. I went with Continental MaxContact 6 for mine and very happy so far. Managed to get a set down from 1100 to 800 after battling 4 different shops against each other. So far they seem quite good.
  3. Usually Bilsteins come on GT-B IIRC. Do you know what year and month, i can try and get hold of the OEM brochure. If i have the applied code and option code I can see what it might have come with. I know I can do it on 4th gens, but happy to give it a go UPDATE Had a quick look at the brochure and came up with this; From that it looks to me that it the S pack is a sport package, verses L pack with is luxury. I cant read Japanese, so can't read it exactly but heres it zoomed in if you want to try to google translate it
  4. On what car? and which bumpers? If youre talking something like a BL/BP legacy then you have different bumpers for Spec-B verses a non Spec-B, If its a H6 verses a flat 4. But generally yes, they will be different enough they wont just bolt up
  5. Had a SuperPro sway bar come in at work, so decided to see if it would sort my squidgyness during cornering. Bit harder to fit then the an impreza due to the duel exhaust, but so simple enough. Did manage to snap a bolt while tightening it down with the torque wrench. Only 55nm, so perhaps I should be happy it failed now instead of mid corner.... Also got a v11 STI steering wheel the other day, so finally got around to stripping my old Momo wheel of all its buttons and switches and adding them to the STI wheel. Much nicer to hold as the old Momos go super smooth with lots of use, and the red stitching must give an extra 5kw or something. Matches the red dash lighting too!
  6. Firenza


    The fully synthetic one, you wouldn't want to use a mineral oil on something like this. Hpr5 would be fine, as it uses what penrite call "extra 10" so it should behave like a 5w30. And it's on sale at the moment at repco iirc.
  7. Firenza


    I would, i've had two BP legacies, one N/A one that had 270k and my current turbo one has 240k, and both are run on 5w30 (Fuchs Flex 23 to be precise). However my WRX which has only 220k on it runs 10w40 (Penrite HPR10) HOWEVER this is a general recommendation. Thats because it depends on how worn certain parts of your particular engine are that were caused by many factors from before you even owned it. Thats why i've ended up using two different grades for essentially the same engine on my cars. If you do try the recommended 5w30 it would be worth checking the oil level regularly (say every fuel fill for a few weeks, and then maybe once a week if everything seems fine). If you notice the engine consuming oil, then it would probably be better going back to the thicker grade next oil change, but if you see no change after 5000k or so then you should be fine to continue checking the oil as you would normally, And then you can continue on using a oil that would allow your engine to work more efficiently.
  8. Finally found the cause of my burnt oil smell, after replacing the rocker cover gasket to no improvement dug in further and found... a leak from the Cam Cap. So a bit more difficult then the rocker cover then Got it finished, and put a new Timing Kit and Water Pump I had as I was in there (taking the AVCS cam pulleys were a c*nt even with the proper subaru tool don't believe the videos on youtube!) Then drove it to Whangarei as a test. So far so good it seems, no more leak onto the exhaust manifold. Also finally managed to complete my Genome gauge install, as the supplied sandwich plate wouldn't fit. So went to pick a part to grab an adaptor to install it into the engine block. Then had to steal the pressure off my WRX as it turned out the supplied pressure sensor didn't work Still, theyre up and running now, and they look good and allow me to track how the car is going which is what I want.
  9. Its tidier, and a lot more accurate. IIRC cyl 3 is the one that gets the hottest, so thats the one you want to track anyway. If you don't have the threaded bung, you can grab one off any subaru pretty much from pick a part, as the same one is used for the oil pressure sensor under the alternator on every EJ motor.
  10. On my black face set of Lamco gauges, mine is oil temp. I can't say I have ever seen one measuring air temp before. What range of tempratures does yours read? If its the same range as wabbits ones that seems very low for oil I should have the guide i used to install mine somewhere on my other pc. What kind of wiring are you missing? Usually theyre like this.. And that installs in between the radio harness. Then just a hose into the engine bay off a tee from boost line for the boost gauge, and then a sensor for oil temp. Either the Lamco style ones which replaces the sump plug (which isnt the best as it can get easily damaged and also can be cooled by air flowing over it at speed) or using a defi sensor and using the bung off the back of the engine block under the intercooler.
  11. As far as I'm aware Defi is what you're looking for. I got mine from North Shore Toyota (which is the Defi agent near me) but dpending on what sensor you're missing you can get aftermarket made Defi Sensors off eBay, and sometimes they appear on trademe. Which Lamco set did you get? I'm after another set to match the ones in my WRX
  12. Holy crap, i'm sitting on a goldmine! !
  13. Pretty sure the fronts will fit, but I'd assume the rears wouldn't as the back end would be heavier in a wagon. Also make sure they're in good nick. Bilsteins can get knocky after about 10 years
  14. Looks very nice, the bodykit can't be too common either! I was going to go for one of those, but had to go outback for the tow rating (....but then I never fitted a tow bar ) Must have been cared for when it came into NZ given its got a set of michelins on it. Unfortunately I can't decode your applied code at the moment, id be interested to see what its spec'd like.
  15. What happens if you shut the turbo timer off early with the remote?
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