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  1. Found some old stock at work, and so set about de-oranging the indicators. Also found on of the sidelights was out, so replaced it with some Narva Cool White LEDs to match the HID low beams. Also cleaned it, ran some Subaru Upper Engine cleaner though it, and gave it a service
  2. Those would be on the V3 onward, that one should have the 2 pot fronts with the 277mm front disc. Easy enough to upgrade if you wanted to
  3. The A/C is standard fit on STis, only optional on the RA. Theres a separate plastic cover for the ac compressor
  4. The applied model code for GF8-015083 is GF8C58D (build date 21/09/95) which comes up with this So yea, seems to be legit. It has the correct seats and door cards, and the centre boss with with STI embossing is uncommon. I'd check the engine numbers to see if they match as who knows whats in it as it looks like its been modded a bit given it running the wrong expansion bottle and they've removed the A/C. Otherwise, looks pretty good
  5. Fitted a Cusco Brake Master brace today, again overkill for an outback, but I had to tutu with the at least a little bit over the long weekend Also got the WRX cleaned and WOF'd. Its been months since I drove it last, i'm just glad I remember how to drive a manual!
  6. The rubber part is available as a spare part, so if you feel capable taking off the trim, you could replace it. The part number is 91713AJ000
  7. Found a filthy Zerosports deflector cheap on Trade me on the weekend. Finished restoring it at work today and couldn't resist putting it on. Totally unneeded for an outback, but it looks cool and matches the intake pipe 😛 Just need to find the Radiator deflector and my both my turbo subarus will have matching engine bay mods 🤣
  8. For a 4th gen (BR) Outback/Legacy you should be okay with leaving it as is. Its a bit ugly, but it wont leak unless something else has gone very wrong! The panel your looking at that has the seal on it is actually a removable of trim. The rubber seal is just to stop it making noise when it touches the window. So the piece with the subaru badge on it and the chrome strip is what I'm on about (this one has an extra stick on spoiler, but its the same deal) This is the exact same boot lid minus the trim. As you can see there is a mark running along the window where the trim makes contact with the glass, meaning the window itself actually goes lower down behind it for a bit. So even if that seal was missing completely, worst that would happen is that the water would run down to the number plate, as the lights have a seal too. So unless waters starts to run upwards, you should be fine
  9. I get yours is a STi RA, they don't have a catalogue for that, but the WRX RA should be the same dash, and the Type R would be the same as yours with seats that can fold forward. The page with the coupe on it shows a options matrix that has the STi RA with the same options available as the other similar cars, so I'd say you're safe to assume it should be black. I'm surprised yours has faded so badly though, i didnt think the v4+ dash was bad for that kinda thing
  10. This is what the OEM v5 brochure had in it. The interiors don't show much grey tbh. Is yours a V-limited or a different special edition?
  11. Sorry, but you put; The way you wrote that would mean you can use ANY filter that fits, which is wrong. If what you meant to say was that he could use whichever one out of the two options then yes, he can. There's a difference between the meanings of whichever (being whatever one or ones out of a group) and whatever (anything or everything) Either way, we're on the same page, OP needs to fit the right one specified for his car, but depending on specs can choose from a couple of options
  12. Yes and no, if you end up getting one with a pressure release valve rated wrong you'll end up doing some damage.
  13. Now, i'm not sure about the OEM numbers without having the vehicles details, but I can tell you what I have found with my WRX which is similar age. The older 90's subarus had a larger Tokyo Roki filter (Ryco p/n Z79x, Fram TG3593A). Some time early "00 they changed to the smaller black filter (Ryco Z436, Fram TG6607) which is what that 15208AA100 number crosses to. Now, I buy genuine filters for my cars via Partsouq, and both are now listing the same smaller body filter as IIRC they have stopped making the older style. I'd assume someone previously has used the newer size filter, however because the aftermarket still makes them, this time you have been given the older size. Now while there is a slight size difference is the seal size, it isn't much that should make an issue (as always however, it is up to you to make sure they filter will fit If you can get me the filter number that they gave you I can check it and see if I can cross it over.
  14. Just the Mothers California Gold 3 step stuff. Compound, polish then wax using a Maguires DA drill polisher addon. I was going to try sanding, if you look at the posts above you'll see that mine weren't that bad starting out. We'll see how long it lasts, hopefully the wax will make a difference. On other cars with worse hazing I've used Autosol metal polish to great effect, but you have to use a separate UV coating to stop it going bad again after a few months