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  1. Anyone selling a set of genome tips? Edit: or recommendations on what mufflers to use? I was thinking adrenaline R mufflers... but think they might be way to big...
  2. link g4 and e85 will make 250kw on stock turbo setup
  3. Hey everyone, Im looking for a good mechanic/shop in Hamilton to take my v7 sti. I definitely want someone who knows the ins and outs of subarus. Dont want any backyard crap. I see winger is in town, so might drop in and see them. but local knowledge if theres anywhere else would be great.
  4. So I'm almost in the Tron. Cars all sweet at the moment... but does anyone recommend any mechanics/workshops that specialise in subarus. Not planning on anything changing or going wrong but always handy to know where to go in an event...
  5. Reckon it's a big deal that only two of the primaries are wrapped and two are not?
  6. started the v7 today... had a terrible rattle from the engine. turned it off.... jacked it up and almost all the stainless lies holding my exhaust wrap on the headers were loose... hence the rattle. and to make it worse the warp is toast and was falling off in strands. so now i have two banks wrapped... and two are not... this shouldn't create EGT issues right???? i found a few stainless hose clamps that fitted so i have tightened those around the remaining warp. SHOULD i just remove it all? and leave it... or re-wrap
  7. Hey Dude


    Name is Aman. Feel free to add me on facebook and give me a message :)



    Welcome to Hamilton!



  8. This is what i like to hear!! i like the sound of that. definitely will have to pop in
  9. that sounds promising. I will probably go along and see what its like.
  10. Would be good if not. I am more after the Subaru scene for a start though.
  11. So ill be moving into Hamilton to begin a new job in the new year. Ill bring my v7 sti with me, so will be keen to be out and about exploring the area and meet some other subaru enthusiast. Is there a active group from CS there? I have seen the WMCC page but im not really sure if thats my sorta scene. I am not into the boy racer and skids sh!t, but rather enjoy a drive and park up for some decent photos and to talk sh!t with other like minded car nut people
  12. gotasubys 2.5 holset engine went to 8k rpm im pretty sure. You would have to ask him on the engine specs
  13. I too will cross this hurdle if i build a engine. Im assuming its easier to de-stroke a 257 then stroking a 207? i thought you could do a similar thing with a 207 to make 2.35?
  14. mines about the same. just dont go WOT, or pin it.... literally nana it and youll be amazed. pretty sure i got 550km to a tank in my old gf8 wagon when i first got it.... promised dad i wouldnt rape it.... i have never made a tank last that long since... no idea on the ideal sorry...