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  1. Crew! Whos going? I'm keen to make it out, hopefully with my completed build. https://www.facebook.com/flatnats Be keen to get an Auckland convoy down
  2. @Bugeye01WRX as in the shortest setting. There's two Adjustment points. Its the bottom adjustment clevice that you need to raise a bit to avoid rubbing.
  3. What short shifter is it? You may need to adjust it for more clearance at the bottom. Mine did this also when it was first installed, as they had it on its lowest possible setting (was a Cobb shifter). Once I raised it a bit the rubbing stopped
  4. Interesting read.. I will also be be planing to swap out the airbagged momo wheel for a momo protipo wheel and boss in my V6 type R. Hope it fits!
  5. Too excited not to share. Some of you will have seen I sold my old type R.. Only reason was because I managed to win this unicorn at Auction! The v6 type R LTD!! Only about 580 made, arguably the rarest subi you can get next to the 22b. Few things made it 'affordable' haha but I don't really care as i'll keep it forever: Its an R grade - but was just in a minor frontal (cross member, front support, guards and bonnet replaced, no apparent chassis damage). Still registered in Japan meaning its of a good standard. 78,000kms!!! It is modified (WIN WIN WIN) - GDB 6 speed, engine and GRB brembos and maybe some other drivetrain components (hence the UGLY AF wheels) Looks very very tidy if not for the R grade. So dam stoked to snag this. Been looking for one for over a year! Anyone know what wheels those are? Trying to figure out if the hubs were replace to 5x114.3 or 5x100 based on those.
  6. Ouch. That would have felt like a crap load of money back then so makes sense you didnt buy
  7. Its frustrating. Don't get where the hate comes from. If you owned one, would you be selling it below market value? Obviously not. The next type R i've got lined up is going to cost more than what i've been offered on this - the market is the market, just like any other goods or service for sale. Supply / demand and what people want to pay for it.
  8. I've looked it up FYI. You can buy and sell up to 6 cars per year as a private owner / sale. Anything more would require a dealer license / business tax etc.
  9. Also, not sure if you guys followed this auction recently: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2000-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-type-r-version-6-limited?fbclid=IwAR0Z2DyCl1dK1zHozayQ8Pg0r8usTSzJNv3uFBRKDsSRpppASID4Xa2yPT0 To be fair its the rarest type R next to the 22b, and is immaculate. Bidding went up to like $145k AUD, didnt sell. Dude wanted like $155k i think lol.
  10. Oooooh interesting thread to stumble across haha. I literally look at the jap auction markets every day. Unfortunately the high prices stem from there. Often you can import a car for slightly less then nz market value, but then you bare the full risk of rust, compliance issues and cost snow balls. Anywho. Mine should be a good test of the NZ market! Lets see what happens. Turned down a concrete offer of $75k before my swap deal fell through. So will be interesting to see where we go. The realist in me will be happy with anything over $70k. Doesnt really matter that the value has gone up since my original purchase, as i'll be buying back into the same market!
  11. You crazy man haha. Will sound incredible up there though!
  12. For turbo cars, big is better, period. No such thing as back pressure for turbo cars. The exhaust with least restriction will yield the most power, spool etc. Obviously other factors come into play like you've mentioned going back to stock look. If that is of more importance, a 2.5 cat back system won't make tooo much of a difference, but you will definitely lose some power. The downpipe is the critical part. Don't change that if you want to keep most of your tuned gains.
  13. The factory STI reds are of a higher spec than KYB. Give Chris from suspension tech a call. Best option for performance / handling would be to get them rebuilt. Its about $350 a shock I think. Order some King springs through @PBMS pretty good pricing. https://kingsprings.com.au/catalogue/vehicle/1068/subaru-impreza-wrx-gc-sedan-1993-9-2000 You can get lows, which are 30mm drop. Factory height is no longer made. I might be getting mine done soon as well so let me know if you're keen, I can try ask him he'll do us a deal
  14. My research found that: 1. The ultimate heat management is molded heat shielding (inconel or bendy metal wrap etc.) - air gap + barrier is the most effective heat management solution. Unfortunately this is also the most expensive, also puts a lot of stress on the metal / increases wear 2. You do want to design everything around good air flow. Fresh air needs to be able to flow through and wisk away the heat where needed. 3. Ceramic coating seemed to be the best of both worlds and where extra protection is needed, add a shield - like in your case under the cam covers
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