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  1. Haha awesome man. Glad it went to someone in the community
  2. Oh very nice dude! I had my eye on this for ages and was going to try bid on it too! Went for a steal You going to restore the factory interior etc?
  3. @Dairusire 800 crank hp Just for the yanks
  4. Cheers @swamp ! The RS4 is an amazing machine. I mean the crazy thing is, its a $160k car that has depreciated so much, just about the average Joe can buy one now. Albeit hopefully not having to encounter any crazy maintenance costs! In the car with windows down, revving to 8000rpm, hearing the angry v8 sing. Its pretty dam amazing! Still i'm too scared of RS4 maintenance costs, and can't afford both cars, so will be selling it before my 800hp build is done sadly. Glad to have experienced such a cool car though!
  5. Its pretty dam amazing. The Miltek exhaust has built in valve flaps hooked up to the sports button. So cruising on the motorway is pretty quiet! Even with it on and windows up, the euro isolation is very good. Its not anywhere near as loud as my STI was though
  6. Whipped up a little vid of the Rs4 yesterday. Man this thing is something else. Insane
  7. Hahaha na its more that i'm crap scared of having an expensive euro money pit so don't want to own it for long lol.
  8. Sooooooo did another thing.... since selling NARSTI, bought another project. RS4!! Not just any RS4. Its supercharged, full miltek exhaust, lowered on Bilsteins and reasonably tidy. Only catch is ks are high - 229k kms 😯 Different with euros though, high ks are generally ok if well maintained. This was owned by the previous owner for 7 years. Won't be keeping her for long but enough to stop this RS4 itch I've had. Honestly the sound is freaking incredible. Pulls like crazy from 1000rpm all the way through. Pretty amazing cars!
  9. Requests have been sent through to James. He should now come back to those who have confirmed, with an invoice
  10. Transmission - Speedhub in Pukekohe Tell him i referred ya and he might do you a deal
  11. Pricing is in from JMMS: Part # JMMS Retail + GST Group Buy Discount Total inc GST RCM2903 $934.98 $841.48 $967.70 RCM1203 $87.89 $79.10 $90.97 RCM2860 $1,374.98 $1,237.48 $1,423.10 RCM2428 $285.89 $257.30 $295.90 RCM3039 $109.98 $98.98 $113.83 RCM2003 $1,209.98 $1,088.98 $1,252.33 RCM1168 $147.38 $132.64 $152.54 RCM2857 $879.98 $791.98 $910.78 RCM1177 $1,099.98 $989.98 $1,138.48 RCM1765 $648.98 $584.08 $671.69 RCM2881 $1,429.98 $1,286.98 $1,480.03 RCM393 $327.80 $295.02 $339.27 RCM2965 $65.89 $59.30 $68.20 RCM2370 $131.89 $118.70 $136.51 RCM328 $659.98 $593.98 $683.08 RCM1676 $8.69 $7.82 $8.99 RCM306 $66.00 $59.40 $68.31 RCM3037 $50.58 $45.52 $52.35 RCM2428 $285.89 $257.30 $295.90 RCM3037 $50.58 $45.52 $52.35 RCM2761 $54.89 $49.40 $56.81 RCM3039 $109.98 $98.98 $113.83 Sub Total $9,019.93 Total $10,372.92 @ginganinja @Andy_Mac @Gripless @IZichard @RaKid can ya'll get back to me if you're keen? He'll need a 50% deposit too
  12. Request sent through to James. If anyone else wants to tack on, PM me