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  1. Inner control arm bushes and trailing arm bushes are the most common things that perish on those cars
  2. New legacys have the plate in the passenger side door jam. Threw me off aswell when i first got my legacy
  3. Took my car to Winger Hamilton on wednesday and got it back the same day for the Recall work done. No issies and no up sells either so im pretty happy. I did ask them for a breakdown of the work they did(for my records) but havent got that yet
  4. [emoji23][emoji23] yeah im expecting something like that.
  5. Booked it in for the recall. Will let you guys know how it goes
  6. Got a recall letter in the mail yesterday. Pretty good of them to send it out i reckon
  7. No dramas. Maybe next month we can do the cruise to Caffiene & Gasoline with a few others
  8. I pulled apart the rear floor to try and find a tow bar wiring harness but JDM Legacys dont have them so looks like i will have to splice into the factory wiring(which i hate doing even though i do it work all time) Scored me a Tow Bar for my BP5 from Subwrecks so going to try and fit it soon
  9. What do we think about a meetup/cruise to caffeine and gasoline on the 28th of July? Say meet at the base car park at 8am then go in convoy to Hampton and park up together? Caffeine & Gasoline goes till 12 so we can go as we please from there. Happens every month so we could do that? Thoughts?
  10. Recently just bought this BP5. So stoked!
  11. Just bought this. Love it! http://imgur.com/gallery/PbxNpma
  12. My 2002 GGA has done 308,000 km's and still going strong.
  13. Finally got around to installing my new rear sway bar links all ready for a cert tomorrow. Went over and under my car to just do a self check and it looks all okay. hopefully she passes! Excuse the mud...Had fun im my mates paddock
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