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  1. I can imagine, probably the same kind of adrenaline rush that you get the first time you go on the nurburgring. Complex and really fast track with some blind corners. There are motorbikes, vans and cars running at the same time and some of them go crazy fast. Plenty of cars crash there (just type nurburgring crash on youtube to get an idea) and the track just reopened when I arrived there. It seems that it was closed because of a big crash just before I arrived. I reckon it is when I was entering the track that I had the biggest adrenaline rush of all my life. To give a point of comparison, I've done skydiving once, it wasn't that intense. This place is called the Green Hell for good reasons.
  2. I might come to have a look, never went to a dragway before.
  3. Oh ok, I learnt something today
  4. I think all subarus use 5x100 wheels. As for the offset my guess would be +55 but this needs to be confirmed. Have a look at this, it might help :
  5. Haha still better than 0 times I guess I don't want to sound like a maintenance nazi either, what's important is to adjust the interval to your usage (and of course use good quality fluids).
  6. On a road car, I agree. On a car that is driven hard, the diff oil can get hot and deteriorate quicker (same for engine oil). 1. Why I don't strictly follow OEM intervals According to the maintenance interval for my BP, I should never change the following fluids : - Automatic Transmission Fluid - Front and rear diff oil - Steering fluid And THAT is nonsensical according to me. To give just one example, we all know that the steering fluid tend to leak on BP's, changing the fluid before it leaks is a good and cheap preventative maintenance. 2. Why I recommend a short maintenance interval Now, regarding @Conducks 's car, the maintenance interval is the following : (source: You probably notice that the Differential Fluid has to be Inspected but never Replaced. But there is a note *3 that states "under severe driving replace every 15,000 miles or 15 months whichever comes first". Based on @1randomkiwi 's comment "All those launches and helis sure take their toll.", I think that we are talking about severe driving here. Also, I personally think that the engineers that worked on the maintenance interval wrote this note for a good reason 3. Why I recommend a shorter interval than 15,000 miles (=24,000 km) for diff fluid In racing it is very common to change fluids very frequently, like changing engine oil before/after each race for example. My experience have proven that a car can go a long way with good maintenance (your mileage may vary). I have a couple mates that track cars with 200,000+km and the cars run perfectly, I don't think they would be able to do that without very frequent maintenance like they do. Considering @Conducks launches his car very frequently and his rear diff is already dying, changing the fluid every 15,000km doesn't seem overkill to me. Even though unrelated to maintenance, what @Kiwi_Fozze said is also to consider in my opinion. 4. End note I might over-maintain my cars but I am personally convinced that maintenance intervals should be shortened when you drive the car hard. That being said, you seem like a very knowledgeable person and I have the feeling that your opinion is not so different than mine. Sorry for the long post, I tried to structure it to make it easier to read though.
  7. That's not that much imo, pretty sure you can get more out of it with good maintenance I am assuming that this is your first diff oil change then. I can't find the maintenance interval for the 2017 WRX STi but I can tell you that my dealer changed the rear diff oil at 30,0000km on my Toyota GT86 (=Subaru BRZ). In your case, changing the diff oil every 15,0000km is probably not a bad idea. And it will be cheaper than replacing parts in the long run. I assume you also have a front diff to maintain at about the same interval on the WRX. Also, you should already have changed your engine oil at least 3 or 4 times now (just saying, it's what's best for your car)
  8. Wow, looks like it happened quickly, how many km has your car made ? When was your last rear diff fluid change ? You might want to change the fluids more often if you drive the car hard, it's a common practice when you track your car and could help in your case as well. (Cusco LSD is probably a good choice if you have to change the rear diff)
  9. Nice to know it's an easy fix finally. Yeah, changing the surround is just a matter of knowing how to use a screwdriver, I have the feeling that you should be able to do it
  10. o_O What are you going to use this one for ? Gave mine a quick clean before I go on holidays : And discovered that this product from Mister Minit actually does a good job at restoring faded leather or even the plastic trim on the front doors : (not sure it is a permanent fix though)
  11. Could be related indeed I don't know much about Japan but looks like they really like turbos as well.
  12. So you finally got your turbo engine I find it really interesting how people are embracing turbo engines in NZ while most people I know in Europe consider that it's a regression and manufacturers are forced to go this way because of emission regulations. Interested by your feedback on the car later on anyway.
  13. Replacing them shouldn't be a problem and +1 on replacing both fronts. If you want to upgrade while you're there, I recommend the Focal ISN (or ISC which are cheaper and should be good enough). Those speakers come with tweeters, so you would have to check that both the speakers and tweeters are at the right size for your car. I have these ones in my Toyota 86 and I just love them, it made a huge difference over stock speakers : EDIT : Can you tell us more about the rattle BTW ? Could it just be that the speaker is not secured correctly and is vibrating ?
  14. Flushed my brake fluid with TRD brake fluid (same as Motul RBF 600 but cheaper) :
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