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  1. Wish my outback had electric folding mirrors
  2. I'm not sure what part you are talking about, Can you show us an image or something?
  3. Mitsubishi did it with the evo. FQ400 for example
  4. Need one saying "torque everything to spec" too lol. But thanks, will put a tag on the cage or something.
  5. They were black sti parts before... @chulozumo powder coated them pink for me
  6. So I wanna get the race car rolling so I can get it to a mates warehouse with the intention of it going up on a hoist... We will have a heap of space to work in when it's there too so hopefully this keeps the motivation up lol Anyway: put the front lower control arms in and discovered I'm missing a whole box of nuts and bolts.... so instead of a castle nut on the ball joint I have a wheel nut (dw this is only temp so I can get it rolling) Wanted to see what the brembos going to look like (and yes i know that's the drivers side caliper... the other one was under three rotors in a box) Turns out I don't have the brembo caliper bolts either.... that ones sitting there precariously on some undersized bolts... Next we started putting doors on, put the guard support brackets on and then the guards \ Next on the list is to order a bushing kit for the rear so we can put the subframe etc back in This will then mean I have a roller!
  7. Started putting parts on the race car.....
  8. One of these mate. Called a lilly brush. Heaps of videos on youtube showing how good
  9. Just a casual 3.5k + shipping...... Can buy another car for that
  10. Na man can't make it again this year - I have an assignment due the next day (again lol)
  11. Hey man if not too much trouble can you please PM with what the tune cost? I've been wanting to get mine done for too long......
  12. Soz the pics aren't that great... this was 10 years ago now.... Was on the above Konig wheels for a few months... then some c*** decided they wanted them more than me..... (I guess someone was doing me a favour.... I didn't really like the Konigs anyway) So insurance let me pick the Advantis below There's even a vid of it on youtube lol
  13. There's a huge hole in the front of it.... aaaaaand there's a massive port in the back of it 😛