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  1. Serviced the donor car I bought for the race car. Old oil flushed. New filter, plug washer and oil. Radiator flushed and filled with fresh coolant. Trans was completely empty so filled with oil. Brakes bled with fresh fluid so they actually work now. Discovered the old fuel filter had been bypassed, so installed a fresh one and hooked it up. Pumped the old fuel out and put some fresh 98 in. Then checked base fuel pressure and adjusted slightly. Fixed a few other little things like the water temp gauge, the intercooler rubbing on radiator support and the exhaust rattling on towbar. Found the steering rack leaks like a sieve. Thankfully the one on the racecar doesn't. So will leave that for now. The exhaust is pretty cooked. The bottom of the downpipe is about to break off from the rest of the exhaust. Going twinscroll anyway so not needed. Also noticed its missing 3 of the 5 nuts holding the downpipe to the turbo lol. Anywho, took it for a short test drive which went well. 12-13psi on a short pull. Sounds pretty healthy and makes cool turbo noises. Next on the list: send a can of upper engine cleaner through it, change the plugs and check rear diff oil. Then I'm basically ready to pull the engine from the donor car and start getting it ready to put in the racecar.
  2. This might help - the colourful dots on each spring determine what they fit https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10724424
  3. Installed a bunch of bushes and started putting s*** back on the car The car now has three wheels on it! The fourth hub will be put on tomorrow afternoon in anticipation for its move to a new home (pictured below) Also ordered a bunch of random s*** to help things along Tomorrow:
  4. Front and rear essential kits. Will mean I can get the damn thing rolling on its own wheels. Finally.
  5. These were delivered yesterday - will start putting things together after work tomorrow
  6. Bought a s*** load of bushes for the race car
  7. I've emailed them three times over the last 5 years and never had a response the c*nts
  8. I've had two cars stolen - both had the same personalised plate The insurance company essentially took ownership of them once they pay out. However, both times they transferred the plates back under my name so they could be used again.
  9. I'm not sure what part you are talking about, Can you show us an image or something?
  10. Mitsubishi did it with the evo. FQ400 for example
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