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  1. Na man can't make it again this year - I have an assignment due the next day (again lol)
  2. Hey man if not too much trouble can you please PM with what the tune cost? I've been wanting to get mine done for too long......
  3. Soz the pics aren't that great... this was 10 years ago now.... Was on the above Konig wheels for a few months... then some c*** decided they wanted them more than me..... (I guess someone was doing me a favour.... I didn't really like the Konigs anyway) So insurance let me pick the Advantis below There's even a vid of it on youtube lol
  4. There's a huge hole in the front of it.... aaaaaand there's a massive port in the back of it 😛
  5. lol that's my old car Except I didn't have chromies for the homies
  6. I get a hard shift in to 3rd all the time.... got told it was unable to be fixed by having a subaru dealer upload new transmission software patch Never had a fault code show though.... How easy is it to swap the sensor?
  7. Did you get the airbag recall work done? or fuel pump wiring harness? The airbag recall is a dash out job. The shifter will be unclipped because they have to remove the center console in order to remove the dash I got mine done at Winger Subaru and it was a breeze. Got a loan car for the day (ugly ass Forrester) - to top it off they even put my radio presets back in for me
  8. Cheers! Going to grab one when I get back from overseas.
  9. This might help?
  10. Yep! I drove a brand new Toyota Camry rental with radar cruise control from Queenstown to Chch last year - just set a distance and enjoy the drive for most of it
  11. I love cruise control - so mint for cruising on open roads
  12. Can't help with the traction control light sorry... but I sent my trip computer to these people who fixed it - never had an issue after that