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  1. That's awesome mate, so ... when is it going to a track?
  2. We might have the same opinion on Audis then, really fast in straight lines but I don't think I would like the handling and understeer. The new TT or the R8 are probably exceptions though, I would be keen to try one of these.
  3. Nice @sobanoodle Better choice than an Audi (think you were talking about the RS3 at some point) in my opinion.
  4. Didn't see that coming, it looks soooo different like that... almost like a different car haha
  5. Yeah but I'm thinking about getting a Spotify subscription anyway, I will definitely lose in quality but will be more convenient. Problem with FLAC is that I have a limited amount of albums and I end up always listening to the same stuff.
  6. Received some gadgets from China yesterday The smart car charger is a Bluetooth to FM transmitter. I am the kind of guy who like listening to FLAC files but burning CD's is too time-consuming so I'll see how it goes with that.
  7. Ahh that s*x balls! Guess you'll need to order new ones... Here are some stats for you: You're not alone!
  8. Guess I'll get my fuel from Mobil from now on
  9. Hahahahaha That was to be expected, wasn't it?
  10. I've been using BP 98 only, interested in comments about the difference if anyone knows anything relevant. I am guessing that the difference must be so small that you wouldn't notice it just by driving. The only difference is probably down to which additives they use, one might clean your engine better than the other or something like that.
  11. That's really cool! But you have to give credit to the inventors of the system
  12. Not that much, I went from stock tyres (Michelin Primacy HP) to Michelin PS3. I have a mate that has cup2 tyres on his 86 though, very good grip on the dry. I also very much like the AD08R, made a few laps as a passenger in different cars that had those (including a Clio RS). Very progressive when losing grip.
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