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  1. Hi all, long shot but.... has anyone used rom raider / learning view / ECU Flash in Dunedin? having a few issues with software etc and my laptop. Long shot but would be good to get some local help if possible!
  2. Oh right for some reason I didn't think you could do this, that's a fallback though !
  3. Hi team, i have just fitted a cat less down pipe to my BL5 legacy GT. unfortunately the after-cat oxygen sensor is located further down the pipe. does anyone know where I would find a cable extension? I have found them online but nothing for the Subaru? any help would be appreciated!
  4. Excellent thanks team. As mentioned the car is fully stock other than a Coupe of diff back Genome mufflers. I have a tactrix cable on the way, as well as a catless downpipe I tracked down on trademe. What other recommendations would you see fit before I tune the car ? Ideally a nice 300-320ho would be my goal. The car is great but you just don't get that 'kick in the seat' I'm used to
  5. Even better! So I'm guessing just a tactrix adaptor and extending cable would be all that's required hardware wise?
  6. Hi guys, wondering if you could help with this one please - I have just purchased a 2003 BL5 Legacy GT Manual. looking to tune it via CYRO and understand I need a tactrix cable to do so. Now from memory I have read the latest 2.0 adaptor won't register with my car, does anyone know if this is correct? if you need any more info let me know cheers ben
  7. Hi Team, Long time lurker, little poster here. Well... after leaving the Subaru world for a company car for 2 years I have just purchased a new vehicle for a weekend project... 2003 Subaru Forester Cross Sports XT, 2.0L, Manual. After owning several Subaru's to include a '99 B4, '06 B4, '03 Forester 2.5x, V5 STI and a few others well, you can only go so long before wanting another! Now long story short the modification idea has been in my mind for some time. The car has 210kms on it but is in good order and drives well. At current it appears it has been fitted with a VF22 turbo ( V3 STI?) and a Cat-back exhaust. My question would be what modifications to increase performance would be? Realistically the car has little value so spending large amounts of money on it doesn't seem logical. Has anyone got any good options to get me going? To name a few I was thinking: *STI top mount (what would fit without modification of pipes, hoses etc?) *Fuel pump *K&N panel filter * STI manifold *STI standard shock and struts any ideas of cheap reliable performance would be of great help. Ive also looked at tuning via cable such as a COBB upgrade but this is quite costly! cheers Ben