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  1. Hey Team, I am trying to correlate the files since they have moved to a new location. Can anyone give me a understanding of what file is require for the below tune? Thanks in advanced. https://ufile.io/90b75 <-- A pretty safe tune for 95% of the cars out there, loading this on will result in the VOD being effectively gone, ping gone on gull or BP 98, and vastly improved mileage. I think it's pretty safe on 95 as well from memory but please see above
  2. Hi Keeweechris, Bought a cambelt kit for my 2002 GTB E-Tune which I no longer require at this stage due to the replacement engine having a near new one fitted which I found out after the fact! All in box etc untouched. PM me if you like and I can send you the part numbers etc to check it’s right for you. I bought it all at trade rates as I am part of the Armstrong Motor Group. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This pricing is bang on. i just bought a kit from Armstrong Christchurch. $500 all up for cambelf, waterpump and gasket, thermostat and seal, tensioner and idlers etc
  4. I pass it on my way to work occasionally. Young-ish guy in his late 20's driving it maybe? I recognized the car as I've seen it myself on trademe and was once tempted, its been for sale quite some time. Always looks like its been driven 'normally' ( e.g. not raced between each set of lights like most!) and it doesn't seem to smoke on acceleration etc. Sorry not much help, but it may be something!
  5. Thanks Pappu, look after them and they will look after you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for that. I assumed it would be too! The engine looks factory, no bolt on pod filters and weird vacuum hoses to be seen! Appreciate the follow up; I was unsure if anyone still existed on here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi team, I have unfortunately seen myself victim to the bottom end bearing failed in the BH5 wagon. With full faith in the vehicle, it did really well, ALMOST hitting a milestone of 300,000kms. I am looking to replace the engine with a second hand variant; I’ve found one out of a 2002 GTB E-tune, travelled 150kms in my local area. Could anyone confirm whether the Auto and Manual (my car) had the same engine for the respective 2002 MY? I see the autos seem to be de-tuned somewhat, but assume the actual engine remained the same? Here’s a picture of the car and how close I got to the milestone. The vehicle has never had the engine apart before, nor any head work! Thanks for steering me in the right direction Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have indeed! nice cars, I've had a 2002 SG5 2.5x Man and a 2004 XT Crossport which I sold about 5 months ago.....great cars minus the wind noise and the typical window gusset mods! just not sure though, I know they're cheaper but the V8 / V9 has Always been a 'want'
  9. Thanks for the input, Do you think that V8 isn't the best deal around? Think I just liked it because it wasn't all 'boy racered up'. are people actually paying the money for these v8/v9 variants? Id hate to e.g pay $20,000 for the V9 and then have buyers remorse. Hesitant purchaser I suppose!
  10. Hi guys, hope this is the right place to post this. I am back in the market for a Subaru.... the 8th one! Budget realistically is 15-18k, but I'd stretch a bit more for a nice example. Looking for something really tidy and as stock as possible - e.g no silly gauges or bolt on wheels etc... something to keep in the garage. I get a company car so it would be lucky to see 400kms a month. Anyway, Id just like to get a idea of what people think a tidy V8 / V9 STI is worth? I have wanted one for going on well... 10 years now and I swear the price hasn't changed! The question is what they are actually selling for? i have seen this ; https://www.trademe.co.nz/1320527576 but the owner recons he's turning down offers of $17,000 i have also been offered a stock V9 STI, done 145kms, 2 owners and NZ new for $22,000 finally, am I better off bypassing both the above and buying the new shape wagons 2008-2010? They are essentially the same price now! any insight or opinions are most welcome thanks for your help ben
  11. Hi all, long shot but.... has anyone used rom raider / learning view / ECU Flash in Dunedin? having a few issues with software etc and my laptop. Long shot but would be good to get some local help if possible!
  12. Oh right for some reason I didn't think you could do this, that's a fallback though !
  13. Hi team, i have just fitted a cat less down pipe to my BL5 legacy GT. unfortunately the after-cat oxygen sensor is located further down the pipe. does anyone know where I would find a cable extension? I have found them online but nothing for the Subaru? any help would be appreciated!
  14. Excellent thanks team. As mentioned the car is fully stock other than a Coupe of diff back Genome mufflers. I have a tactrix cable on the way, as well as a catless downpipe I tracked down on trademe. What other recommendations would you see fit before I tune the car ? Ideally a nice 300-320ho would be my goal. The car is great but you just don't get that 'kick in the seat' I'm used to
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