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    We are looking at running a cruise from Christchurch up to Cave Stream near Castle hill. The cruise will start at Raeward Fresh near the airport, conveniently placed right next to the BP. Route will be north of Raeward Fresh, getting off at the Kaiapoi exit, then along the scenic inland route to Cave Stream via the Sheffield pie shop at Oxford and Castle hill for a quick stop. For Cave Stream, everyone will need two head torches and a towel for the cave. The cave is 600m long and takes anywhere up to 45 mins to get through. Due to the nature of the weather in the area, extra safety cautions should be observed. The information can be found at: The route to be taken on the day: This is a social cruise.The road along the inland scenic route, the motorway and up around Castle Hill are prone to Highway Patrol. Although spirited driving is the order of the day, Exceeding the speed limit or driving in a manner that could endanger others is not welcomed. The cruise is subject to weather, If it is unsafe to do Cave Stream or the weather looks unfavourable we may head to Castle hill as a back up destination for the day. More information will follow over the next week as we get closer to the date. Come along, talk cars and go for a swim through Cave Stream!
  2. I need some help in regards to servicing. Has anyone here got the servicing books for a GC8 and BR9 Legacy? I have two cars, one is a fresh import, with no service history, and i cant chase down when the next service is supposed to be. I have tried ringing subaru however they couldnt tell me, only that the servicing is done in either 12500 increments etc. My GC8 has 174k on the clock, and the 2010 BR9 Leggy has 75k on the clock. Has anyone got a pic of an english service book so i can see when the next service is/? Cheers,
  3. How many people here have either a V5 or V6 two door? Might be on the hunt for one shortly. Cheer's
  4. I recently found a map of all the 98 ron locations for fuel in the North Island, but the South Island hasn't got one. has anyone built a visual map on 98 Ron+ fuel locations in the South Island?
  5. Is this going to be an Annual thing? Im moving to Rangiora from Australia end of December. Looking at getting another GC8 as soon as I get there.
  6. ill be driving the car all the time, I think im better reflashing to 95, and spending all the money on brakes and suspension work. Cheers,
  7. If you have your ECU reflashed to suit 95 ron, can you still make decent power on a few mods?