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  1. So I skipped the 4th gen legacy so can't compare to that sorry but have now done almost 40,000km on my 2010 LGT with the 5 speed auto. Mine came on STI springs so sits a bit lower than the rest, but otherwise they are pretty heavy and like to go straight. With some bracing and some good tires they will go around corners ok but I felt my 2000 LGT was lighter and easier to drive the twisty roads. As for fuel consumption, Open road I get 9L/100km round town i get 12l/100km. I have had no issues on with the car so far apart from normal wear and tear. need to replace
  2. Very common in this version, Mars performance in Australia sells some nice ones with DRL LED and are a direct refit
  3. Very possible if i need to free up more money to keep the family afloat with no job.......
  4. Yeah the shape is a bit more hard edged than normal legacy shapes have been. As for parts I have used and run on mine: BOV: Have had GFB respons on mine. Was nice to be able to make noise or none at all. I added it though to stop the factory uint from leaking they are know to be very bad a leaking especially it boost starts to go above 13/14 psi is leaks away and the turbo has to work its ass off to try and keep levels where they should be. (so can be a good mod if your one is leaking, However downside to this is.... If you have a exhaust that now flows better along wit
  5. Hi, Sweet to see another person go for the last Legacy Wagon they ever made. Is it the 2.5Gt or the 2.0DIT version that you have ended up with? Depending on which one i can give you an idea on mods and may be able to supply some of the parts if it is the 2.5gt version.
  6. I have one delayed an extra week in Hong Kong from Partsouq, still worth the wait after the price i was given from Subaru NZ. seems to be world is still falling apart outside our borders
  7. https://www.subaruforester.org/threads/2010-lowering-sh-forester-options.307457/ This is detailed on what to expect from lots of different options
  8. We had a non turbo SH and i owned a turbo SF5 that i did alot of work on to use on the track. The SH5 is a boat, even more so at high speeds and old tired suspension. Get some decent tires lowering springs can help a bit but best would be coilicers or even is shocks tired and worn new shocks. Def do the rear sway bar. ITS SO TINY! front not too bad. The non turbo SH im not sure about the turbo ones have pretty weak rear difs too
  9. WOW did you trip off a second story building or something!
  10. tow on trailer? when you need to do it?>
  11. Saw this very tidy Subaru in Blenheim today!
  12. Mine still not working but have dropped it now and will just use the website instead. I did like it as was so easy to post photos with out having to upload elsewhere
  13. Tapatalk doesn't work for me anymore either, Well does kind off but comes up saying you are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action???
  14. PBMS YouTube channel has just put up footage from the 2019 event https://youtu.be/UdNIolIjUa4
  15. Can get the genuine parts off website called partsouq excellent place for parts and they ship very quickly.
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