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  1. This is detailed on what to expect from lots of different options
  2. We had a non turbo SH and i owned a turbo SF5 that i did alot of work on to use on the track. The SH5 is a boat, even more so at high speeds and old tired suspension. Get some decent tires lowering springs can help a bit but best would be coilicers or even is shocks tired and worn new shocks. Def do the rear sway bar. ITS SO TINY! front not too bad. The non turbo SH im not sure about the turbo ones have pretty weak rear difs too
  3. WOW did you trip off a second story building or something!
  4. tow on trailer? when you need to do it?>
  5. Saw this very tidy Subaru in Blenheim today!
  6. Mine still not working but have dropped it now and will just use the website instead. I did like it as was so easy to post photos with out having to upload elsewhere
  7. Tapatalk doesn't work for me anymore either, Well does kind off but comes up saying you are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action???
  8. PBMS YouTube channel has just put up footage from the 2019 event
  9. Can get the genuine parts off website called partsouq excellent place for parts and they ship very quickly.
  10. Hi, sounds like the thump/bump will be the rear subframe bushes. well that's if they like the earlier version legacy.
  11. Might want to get that scanned to see if any transmission codes in there. When was the last time a transmission fluid change was done?
  12. Changed out the recirc valve for a GFB one after noticing the boost fluctuating when set at high and full throttle. Apparently an evo one fits perfectly as well and they are made to hold more boost so can do that for cheaper if you can find one second hand. Looks like it was definitely the source of the problem as it now holds boost solid all the way through the rev range. Prob now is I hit boost cut in 3rd gear. Kind of expected with the intake and exhaust done. Guessing that was masked as the old one was leaking the boost. So time to take it off to SAS and get the tune done and CAT removed.
  13. As above totally legal and did it to the forester I used to use on the track. Even took it to VTNZ for a water tank where the guys there redid it as a 2 seater!
  14. Are knock,o2, and MAF sensors all working? That can cause some good fuel burn!
  15. Gave the legacy a big service today as I have no idea when stuff other than oil and the cam belt were last done as I am first Nz owner. -spark plugs changed and they were actually in good condition -brake fluid flush -rear diff oil changed, fluid was still a decent colour -transmission drained and filled! Fluid was a little brownish but still it bad. Will do a drive tomorrow and then drain and new fluid again. -coolant drained and will fill tomorrow. Waiting on a Torx T70 bit to arrive so I can drain the front diff as well. Overall pretty happy that it looks like someone has looked after the car in Japan.