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  1. sweet as sus us a date im part way through finishing off the frontmount install on my car i had a bit of a misshap with how it was installed previously and had a bit of a boost leak going down. waiting for a new bov should be sused out this pay day and im back on in a week. so maybe do us a cruise the last weekend of the month?
  2. I say a meet up and a cruise out rags! sounds mean. Ive got my front end in pieces at the moment trying to sort a bit of a boost issue and will be away in palmy for a about 14days. will let you know when she's up and running again and i'm home. maybe the 20th or 21st?
  3. Im keen, New the 'kato and keen to meet up with new people and cruise.
  4. I'm keen, from the tron