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  1. Okay thanks sounds good
  2. Okay man thanks, sorry to be a pain but I’ve been reading up on ideal ext.w/g positioning etc and I’ve noticed people put them on the headers, is there a reason why they do that? I want mine on my up pipe if possible but is there space issues with doing that or something?
  3. I’m in the bay of Plenty in katikati near tauranga
  4. Hi guys! I’m hoping someone can recommend me a good custom fabricator, I need an up pipe with an external wastegate port and an elbow bend to go from the 4-1 headers and connect to where the uppipe would go, the previous owner kept it, was going to buy the grimmspeed one but they said t doesn’t go on a rhd car! Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated thanks
  5. I found the leak I just lay under the car till it warmed up and I saw where it started from instead of waiting for it to spray everywhere it’s a split or hole on top of the smaller of the two hoses that go into what I’m guessing is the thermo housing I’m unsure how to post a pic of it but are you able to give me a name for them so I can source something stronger and replace them please?
  6. Hi guys! I have a v5 wrx sti, I haven’t driven it much since I bought it as I have been offshore for work for a month or so, i garaged it before I went away. When I came home and warmed it up to take it for a drive I noticed a coolant leak so I jacked it up and it looks like it’s coming from the rh timing cover*? (unsure of what it’s called). There were a couple bolts missing from the cover so I’m thinking the previous owner may have known as he also got a little awkward when I talked to him about it, before I remove the fmic piping in front of it and remove the cover is there anything I should do instead? Or look for perhaps. Would appreciate some advice, can’t find anything online to help me. Thanks In advance.